My name is Lionell Jaubert. I was born in Richmond in Virginia where I was brought up by my mother, Carolyn Anothy from Richmond and my late father to whom I was named after, Lionell Jaubert from Central Louisiana. I grew up a happy child in the family despite few struggles that rocked the family here and there. My parents separated during my early childhood and I grew up under the foster care of my step father William Hawkins to whom my mother was remarried. I learnt a lot in the tender arms of my step father William Hawkins. William Hawkins (step father) and Lionell Jaubert passed on in 1995 and 2002 respectively leaving my mother Carolyn widowed thereafter.

My parent sent me to James Madison High School from where I graduated after eight years of hard work and dedication to nothing short of academic excellence. Thereafter, I was enlisted in the U.S. Army after which I successfully completed my basic yet rigorous training at Fort Linward wood Missouri for a period of eight weeks. I attended Advance Individual Training (AIT) for my Military Occupation Specialty (abbreviated as MOS). At Fort Sam Antonio, Texas, I acquired the status of MOS 68E, designated for a Dental Assistant, after undergoing an on job training at the military on how to assist a Dentist.

Some of the things I learnt as an apprentice in the dental unit of the military included how to properly pass instrument to the doctor. This course also taught me how to perform general administrative duties in a dental office environment function such as scheduling appointment for patient. This course amalgamates well particularly with the CPR and OSHA training. My first assignment was in Richmond, Virginia with 345th Medical Co Reserve Unit. In the course of attachment at the unit, I got an opportunity to go and train in Saudi Arab for two months. Thereafter I moved on to the Army National Guard in the capacity of Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) between the years 2002 and 2003 in the Field Artillery Tec.

The military training came handy in my learning how to program the computer network in the Tactical Command (TOC) Send message to firing line while in combat in short firing codes about the enemy  position  and how much adjustment needed to make as  given by the Intel. From 2003-2005 I decided to transition to active duty. My third assignment was in Korea at the 618th Dental Company. I had the chance to take some college course while station in Asia and teach a course in Combat Life Saver (CLS). It is at this point that I was ordered to go West Point in New York for a new assignment.

Life in the Military Service

The obstacles that majority of the veterans face in developing valuable skills that would open new opportunities for them later in life is their sheer inability and unwillingness to return to school during the days of their active service. Life is a continuous learning process and many Veterans could take up the pain of undertaking a four-year college course when they return home or go off active duty military service.  Instead they prefer a vocational college where they can learn technical skill which could readily land them in a simple job or employment opportunity. Many veterans choose to take this path. 

During my active military service period, I demonstrated high degree of dedication, dependability and motivation to achieve excellence. These are the core values that I really cherish and worked round the clock to establish. The relevant education that did receive at different points including the military training greatly enhanced my professional knowledge and experience to prove my individual potential in a more impressive manner.  I must say that education played a big role in increasing my self confidence. In fact, having attended and graduated from a prestigious school had a hand in bringing out and staging the most crucial abilities in me while in the military. Moreover, education was seen to be the real force behind the inculcation of critical thinking skills in me during the service and instilling an undying quest for further education and training in me. Unless one’s desired field of expertise is highly specialized, a choice that analyzes problems and improves processes like the school of law is fundamental at all stages of life.

It was quite absurd to learn that my fellow veterans would be sent into panic when their time to come off active duty self draws to a close. This never happened in my case. I had a strong belief in my own abilities and knew that I had all it takes to elevate to higher levels than those I served in while at the military. In short I was fully prepared for a bigger and better transition in life after the military service. College is a great place and a starting point after the military service. Suffice it to say, it creates opportunities and interactive forums that keep mind open and direct one’s heart towards vesturing into a research- a phenomenon that gets one absorbed into the studies without coming to notice the long period of studies at the University.

University of Columbia is such an innovative institution of higher learning that can adequately meet the special vocational needs of veterans. It offers them a market oriented vocational programs that will grant them employment while at the same put their life at ease since they study at their own pace. Any individual veteran who cherishes hard work and is dedicated in studies at the university will definitely go as far as their imagination can carry them; there is no limit of excellence with the University of Columbia.

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