Avionics refer to the science and technology of electronics that are applied in artificial satellites, aircraft, and spacecraft. The technology is applied in order to achieve the required levels of performance of the space vehicles. The Avionics electronic systems include communications systems, navigation systems, and other vital systems that are required to achieve efficiency in space vehicles. They are strategically placed in aircrafts in order to ensure that the required level of efficiency is attained.

This paper explicates Avionics and fiber optics promotes application in the promotion of their efficiency.

There has been a desire to increase aircraft civil applications over the years. This is in line with the envisaged level of efficiency in the operation of aircrafts to different destinations. In A380 Airbus and AFDX, avionics that constitute electrical systems have been developed with the aim of boosting faster communications and effectiveness. Avionics have played a major role in boosting air safety in A380 Airbus and AFDX because of their high level of efficiency. It is reported that since their discovery, there have been minimal cases of accidents in aircraft operations due to the high level of safety standards. The avionics systems in A380 and AFDX have been made with complex architectural designs in order to ensure that they remain sophisticated and provide the required level of the intended results. They are technologically enhanced in terms of processing, displays, and memory. In addition, there are well-established communication systems that enhance effective communication among aircraft users hence making it easier to identify the exact location of such aircrafts.  The avionics systems in A380 and AFDX are constantly maintained in order to ensure that they are in line with the internationally recognized standards.

Fiber optics would be more appropriate in cabin systems in order to ensure data transmission networks. These are places where the pilots sit as they control the aircraft to various locations. It would only be more appropriate to set up the fiber optics in the cabin hence ensuring that the pilot is able to communicate with the control areas back at the airport. These data transmission networks would be efficient because they ensure that the information is first addressed to the pilot before being passed on to passengers. This would promote high levels of safety and ensure that the aircraft has safe landing to wherever destination it goes to. Pilots are more linked to the control stations in case fiber optics are placed in the cabin hence achieving high levels of accuracy in determining different locations

The rate of data transfer in aircraft communication has been immensely revolutionized in the A380 airbus and AFDX with the adoption of fiber optics. It is estimated that data is transferred at approximately 100 Mbps. This is high-level speed of data transmission hence ensuring that high levels of efficiency are observed during data transmission. The high-speed levels are also efficient in cases of emergencies; pilots would find it easier to respond to emergency cases than when they used to operate with lower speeds. This has promoted the safety levels in the use of the aircrafts in the global super highway.

Copper ways bear more mass compared to fiber optics; this means that they are heavier than fiber optics. There have been continual efforts to eliminate copper ways from aircrafts and replace them with the lighter fiber optics. This is with the belief that the weight of aircrafts would be significantly reduced hence boosting speed and efficiency in aircrafts. Notably, all companies all over the world have been struggling to eliminate the copper wires and replacing them with the lighter fiber optic wires. There have been significant efforts to reduce the weight in all the spheres of a plane hence achieving the required level of efficiency. It is estimated that one tenth of the weight would be saved for each area of construction because fiber optics are one tenth lighter than copper wires. This would be effective because the planes would be lighter and easier to use. In the fuel tank, the required 6okilograms to 80 kilograms would be effectively cut down by one tenth hence ensuring that the plane is as light as possible. The negative characteristics of copper wires have led to a significant reduction in their usage.

Fiber optic use in A380 has had several effects in the transport sector. For instance, there has been improved speed due to the reduction in weight arising from the lighter fiber optics. This has enabled the A380 Airbus to be one of the fastest planes in the entire world. They are able to cover greater distances and ensure that individuals reach their destinations safely. Speed is a key factor in ensuring that there is convenience on the side of both the passengers and companies.

Communication has been revolutionized in the A380 Airbus; the faster rates of data transmission have enabled pilots to communicate effectively with the control centers. Effective communication has led to the reduction in the number of accidents commonly involved in air travels. This is because of the closer touch between pilots and control centers. They are given dictions on safe landing and other vital aspects relating to the airplane safety.

Fiber optics use by the A380 has led to heavy expenditure in the modification of the planes. Companies have to spend more in the installation of fiber optics. This is an emerging form of technology and it has been accompanied by heavy costs. Thus, the company responsible for the production of A380 plane has been forced to spend heavily in the bid to replace the copper wire with the expensive fiber optics.

In conclusion, avionics application in aircrafts is a tremendous step in air transport. They have promoted efficiency and ensured that passengers get safe landing to all their destinations. Companies all over the world have been struggling to replace copper wires with fiber optics in achieving effective communication in their aircrafts. This is with the view to conform to the changing technologies all over the world. Fiber optics is lighter hence improving the speed of aircrafts and effective communication.

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