The film Before Your Eyes addresses a number of issues related to political to social lives of minority groups living in Turkey and elsewhere around the world. In the movie, the young children’s parents are shot dead by the country’s extremists for their involvement in politics. These are people from a smaller group in a country that do not pay regard to the rights of the minority.

Resulting Dilemma in the film

The minority groups are thus presented with the dilemma of either choosing to bear with the atrocities of the majority group or fighting for rights and justice through politics (Wessberg 1). However, the film provides a solution at the end as it presents an opportunity for the minority groups especially orphaned children. This is demonstrated when Gulistan and Firat, who had lost their parents, used political activism as the platform to voice their plight to the world as they stage attempts to revenge on the murderers. The film has also helped in exposing various forms of denial of political and social rights to the minority groups. It thus helps in addressing the problem of street urchins and political annihilation (Wessberg, 1).

Advantage of a Critical Approach to Auteur Director

Critical approach to auteur director of a film is necessary because the auteur determines the way the film is interpreted by the viewers. This is because of the presumed influence that the auteur has on the setting, tone, and final message in the film. Viewers tend to define the message of the film through auteur’s personal creativity and prejudices hence the auteur director’s role becomes important in trying to communicate to the viewer.

In the film, Before Your Eyes auteur director is Miraz Bezar who seemingly shares the psychological anguish and sadness of the minority Kurds in Turkey and thus writes the film while showing sympathy to Kurd’s plight. This sympathetic and unwavering approach by Bezar debuts the interpretation of the film across the world. The ability to shape the viewers’ approach to the message in the film therefore makes auteur directors special because most of the viewers will see the film through their interpretation and prejudices (Wessberg 1).

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