Burger King vs. McDonalds

The battle for the largest share of the fast food market continues day by day for the largest and the second largest chain of fast food restaurants. McDonald currently holds the title.  Burger King’s fast expansion, especially in rapidly growing countries, however, leaves little doubt that it may in due time overtake McDonald’s, if the latter does not come up with a more innovative and aggressive marketing strategy. However this may take decades considering McDonald’s current market share.

The two companies have used different methods to popularize and market their products. Started back in 1940 as a hamburger stand, McDonald’s has slowly evolved to the giant corporation it is today. To reach this point, the company has used extensive advertising. To advertise the corporation uses the mass media, especially radio, television and newspapers. In addition to this, the company employs the use of billboards in many sporting events, large and small.

Burger King on the other hand has employed the use of comic advertisement with most of its advertisement being centered around `the king’ its official mascot. Burger king has also sought movie advertisement that one time culminated into a controversy when one movie claimed that the corporation is larger than McDonald’s, an insinuation that angered the latter.

To woo its children market, McDonald distributes toys to the children while Burger King uses comics. The latter has employed use of various printed and animated shows. For this, they are in partnership with Disney, a leading children movie producer.

The promotion of McDonald’s as the ideal eating place for young working-age males has popularized its chain of restaurants to this group in the society. Their playgrounds with gym section serve to promote this notion (Fabozzi, 2008).

The running of the two companies and their business models are also different. While McDonald’s promotes franchise with little parent company interference and also runs many of its restaurants through joint ventures, Burger king has favored a centralized business model where franchises have little autonomy. This model was implemented largely due to a deal gone sour with one of the franchisees.  The model has had a negative toll on the company and is responsible for the corporation’s over twenty years of stagnation. This improved when the corporation made its franchises more liberal (Kensinger, 2011).

The two have also taken different ways of image building with Burger king being involved in charity. In Eastern Asia, McDonald’s is said to have raised the hygiene standards of restaurants due to their clean and hygienic operations, a claim that has significantly raised their popularity in the area.

Competition remains on for these two fast food giants. The two have employed different methods for marketing their product. It is apparent that the methods used by McDonald’s are superior to those employed by Burger King.

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