Calligraphy is the ability of writing neatly by hand and being able to understand written information in a foreign language.

Calligraphy is a greek word which can be defined as follows; Kalligraphia which means a neat handwriting, kallos which is equivalent to beauty , and grapho which is ‘am writing’ respectively. Calligraphy can therefore summarily be referred to as the art of beautiful and legible handwriting.

The history of calligraphy dates back to the 1850’s when the quill pen was in use. Calligraphy makes the essence of ready writing easier and brings about the emotional and graphic expressiveness to the sign.

Examples include among others, letters standing on one line or even falling. Calligraphy is a very common effective way of communicating among different people from various localities who enjoy the same things. However, it can be studied as a foreign language as a way to grasp the meaning that the writer/author wants to convey.

In China and other far eastern countries , this was a clear way of implying emotional and symbolic significance artistically.

Nevertheless, calligraphy was prohibited in Islamic states as this was considered to convey the feelings and thoughts of the writer which was then not encouraged.

During the European history , Calligraphers , created classical  samples in Greek and Latin fonts clearly and harmoniously. It was not until the 15th Century that the leadership role in calligraphy was taken over by engravers, scribes and artists who elaborately designed the luxurious font compositions.

However, with the age of typewriters, book  printing minimized the advancement and use of calligraphy.

Calligraphy is both delightful to look at as well as inspiring to the soul. It  can also be viewed / undertaken as a hobby for those who love fun , a great business venture as well as an act of arts. It’s a gender friendly hobby as it can accommodate both the young and old simultaneously.

However, caution is vital as calligraphy calls for patience and attention to details other than just skill . It’s also very economical to anyone interested in that the only  major tools of the art are a paper and pen which are not only available but accessible and  affordable as well.

With the instantaneous speed at which technological advancement is taking place, calligraphy will be almost every computer literate person’s way of communication as it has become the way forward in the use of different fonts.

It’s of great importance to embrace and implement this artistic style in our daily activities so that the world of beauty can be harmonized and in return creativity and freedom of expression are encouraged.

However, it’s also necessary to pay attention to the various messages being conveyed as only constructive information need to be equated with this beauty of artistic nature.

Unlike the Chinese calligraphy, the old English type of calligraphy is totally reliant on italics and is very much derived from the Gothic fonts. Other styles of calligraphy are more traditional while the English one is more flexible and can be designed to meet the writer’s needs. Much refined calligraphy is also possible in English unlike in all other styles and this gives calligraphers an edge to concentrate in this particular type. English is also very easy to understand and convey unlike other languages like the Chinese which can only be fluently understood and written by the natives.

With the old type of calligraphy,  the quill was the only means of writing whiles as  with the modern calligraphy , there are a variety of writing tools  available for instance , one may decide to type and enhance or bring out calligraphy in the form  of various fonts found in the  modern computers .

Regardless of whichever type of calligraphy one may decided to engage in   they should have a passion for  it  other than just skill and with job unavailability and laying-offs should be widely  encouraged as an alternative source of livelihood.

Calligraphy should also be encouraged among the old as it will help keep their mind occupied as well as a form of exercise and this does not only prevent them from aging real quickly and loosing track of time but will help keep them  alert ,  active and healthy.

Needless to say , there is a lot  in calligraphy than just meets the eye and this beautiful  art should  be  introduced to young children as it would very much enhance  their creativity and entertain  them fairly equally as the different fonts used are eye-catching and can be used to mould , shape-up and train effectively.

With proper use , calligraphy can change  the  world by not only making it a beautiful place to live in but one where instructions / information are easily accessible to all.

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