Cases Studies (Quality Culture)


In order for an organization to operate efficiently and effectively there must be in place quality systems and auditing, proper control of materials, processes and products together with problem solving techniques. This will work together to improve the performance of the organization in producing quality products.

Case study 1

The company, which produces ice cream, introduced a new product that did not meet the customers’ tastes and preferences. The main problem was in the company’s production department, which did not produce quality work. Consequently, many products were not accepted by intended customers, thus low demand and losses to the company. This problem can be solved by having proper controls of materials, processes and products. The management should put in place quality systems in checking out that the materials used are of high quality, instructions are adhered during freezing process to achieve proper viscosity and the process of mixing the materials is properly followed in order to produce quality ice creams.

Case study 2

The company produces wire windings, which pass through various stages in their manufacturing plant. The problem is that there are many windings, which are sent to reworking department due to poor production. Some are returned during inspection by quality controllers, minor defectives during packaging are corrected immediately. The problem occurs during winding process in which there are three winders. This problem can be solved by carrying out quality management, which involves giving proper instructions during winding so as to achieve good results. The organization must have well-documented instructions, which are easy to understand and well-elaborated. Also, raw materials need to be assessed for good quality to avoid using bad and defected raw materials.


From the above two case studies, both companies have problem with the quality of their products, which does not meet the expectations of the management. There should be put in place measures that will ensure that the products produced are of high quality. These measures include quality systems, proper control of materials, processes and products. Quality improvement techniques should be put in place to control high quality of products. These techniques include problem solving and process control techniques. 

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