Childhood Experience

Childhood experience is paramount developmental stage to every child’s future growth and development. Therefore, whatever the child adopts in childhood through the socialization process dictates how well she / he behave in adult life. It’s the responsibility of those around the child that shapes how well the child behaves and acts to circumstances. Children often develops a strong attachment and attraction with those near them, if the impact is positive or negative, it’s the responsibility of the mother who is mostly the center of attraction for the child. In addition, the numerous personalities, actions and events occurring in interrelated manner affect the child’s development in one way or another.

Different children respond differently to different family settings and behavioral characteristics of different mothers. Mothers form a significant impact on the child due to the emotional attachment developed between them and the infant. This was the case with my situation since my mother was so close to me, I inclined my behaviors towards those of my mother. The positive impacts the mother induced on me are numerous. My mother assisted to regulate the emotional and physical development through signs and symbol learning. My mother was very instrumental in my early childhood development since she is the one who knew what I wanted and met with my desires and ambitions. This I achieved through my mother’s knowledge to learn and read my behaviors, signs, symbols and signals and she responded appropriately contributing to my positive growth even after childhood into adult life. The strength of the emotional bond and attachment successfully contributed positively to my growth and healthy development later in my adult life. The surety of the bond greatly assisted me to negotiate in various developmental tasks that I undertook and got involved in developing a sense of responsibility and maturity.

Since my mother was committed to develop a strong, secure and reliable bond, the results were enormous since it’s highly regarded that, my intuitions heavily depended on this bond to develop interpersonal relationships with other members of society which I did very easily. The mother’s role in my childhood development was critical due to my future’s adjustment mechanism and development. My mother used to attends to all my needs promptly and efficiently, therefore I witnessed an easier time in developing and practicing adjustment mechanisms to fit in a diverse society with different personalities. Through the engagement my mother introduced me to various form of games and other infant sporting activities, I learned to be active, being able to tolerate other personality diversity, develops a brave and secure personality. The mother’s effort to teach the child in developmental of speech and language skills forms strong foundational tools for adult life which the child will cope with.

The assertion of authority to the child in earlier developmental stages greatly contributes to positive personality evolvement which helps the children learn how to regulate and control their behaviors both to themselves and to others in society fostering strong and good interpersonally skills. My mother’s sense of authority was so influential that it contributed a vital component with my relationship with others. My Mother was a source of my stimulation in numerous activities in the growth process. This not only contributed to my active participation in childhood but also later in adult life which is an instrumental component for successful adult life which I have experienced.

When my mother was in good and active state, I positively learnt to be the same since it’s observed that children are capable of learning and copying their mother’s moods. This greatly contributed to the development and expression of my moods and emotions. Learning skills are positively affected by how well a mother treats the child in earlier development stages. The confidence demonstrated by the mother in early childhood of the infant is paramount in development of high self esteem of the child besides improving behavioral relationship with others. My mother was so confident not only dealing with me but also to others a fact that shaped my personality and relationship with others boosting my self esteem. Quick Social adjustments like social and interpersonal skills are highly dependent on the mother’s responsibility and duties to the child’s development. When my mother spent a lot of time with me, my social adjustment mechanism were effective especially in adult life. When the mother respect the child’s temperament, the child feels respected and recognized a fact that the child reciprocates to the mother and other members of the society. Appreciation and regards are shaped from beginning which were inculcated since childhood and have greatly assisted my in relation with others.  Finally mother’s sensitivity for the child’s cues builds confidence and a sense of belonging in the child boosting their self esteem which is essential in growth and development of the child.         

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