Civilization and die Weltanschauung

The author arguing that religion is not the only factor that determines the civilization of the society. The culture of society can be developed by the people those who combines the human rights, tradition, and science altogether. A man always feels confident and secure when his belief is for best purpose. So this should be approached psychologically according to weltanschauung. Human has their own rights to choose his beliefs either on religion or philosophy or on science, but all the three together impact the human intellectual activity. Scientific research plays an important role to eradicate the dominance of other two facts on mankind.

Religion, art, and philosophy are three major forces that against science. In these three, philosophy is almost parallel to science but beyond some extent it sounds like illusion. Art is something that would not dominate other province but it just a fact of how it is perceived.  Author strongly argued that religion is a strongest force than other two which completely emphasizing the emotional and mental activity of human. Since religious beliefs are very ancient and its strong foundation made human to follow it as a matter of discipline and obedience. This approach is highly dangerous because civilization of society is depends on these people which is deeply argued by author.

Religious facts which are all affecting the identity of the individual should be prohibited. For instance due to the religious beliefs so many woman exploited and even they are not allowed to act according to essential rights. So the multiple religious beliefs develop the diversity among people which would lead to lack of humanity in the society. Hence social science is the only factor which influences the healthy society. The author cleared the concept that individual’s behavior which is known as applied psychology is base for civilized society.  The unification of nation, tradition, and race is a process of Eros. They combine one and another, but this is against the civilization of society. And it is deadly dangerous. Hence evolution of society is basically a war between the life and death of human species. 

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