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Aviation accident laws cover many types of airplanes extending from commercial aircrafts to non- commercial planes made up of charter flights, pleasure crafts, small airplanes and helicopters. Aircraft accidents are usually investigated by The National Transport and Safety Board which is a government agency and tries to establish the cause of a particular aviation accident thereby determining liability.   

Research findings and discussion

Aircraft accidents are caused by many factors mainly comprising of pilot error, equipment failure, different forms of negligence involving flight service station employees, federal air traffic controllers, manufacturing defects, lack of proper maintenance and servicing of the aircraft and many others. Liability in aviation accidents is more complex than the cause of the accident. All parties that could have contributed to the accident should be evaluated in order to determine liability. The federal Aviation Administration has the responsibility of controlling air traffic through the Air Traffic Control. If an investigation points out that there was negligence on the part of Air Traffic Control causing accidents such as mid-air collisions and weather related accidents, then the US government may be liable for any damages to the aircraft and the passengers. Aviation accidents may occur as a result of failure to meet strict standards of care and accountability by the owners and operators of the aircraft. When this is the case, owners and operators are held liable for any damages that result. There is also a case of comparative liability also known as shared liability between the manufacturer, owner and the operator. When several parties contribute to an aircraft accident, they are held liable with respect to the contribution they made to cause the accident.  The more a party contributed to an accident, the more liable it would be to the damage caused.


Aircraft accidents are caused by many factors and liability is determined by the contribution of these factors to the accidents. If different parties are investigated and one party is found responsible for the causation of the accident, that party is held liable damages as a result of the accident.

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