Collaborative Fund Raising Project

Agencies, such as Phoenix Homeless Agency (PHA), usually acquire funds from donations, fund raising and with a help of volunteers. For the continuation of agencies work and job counseling to qualifying recipients, PHA needs to build a strategy. In this paper we will discuss the most profitable ways of funding by a company.

First of all, we can say, that the easiest way to save more money is to collect funds from businesses and individuals who are interested in companies development. If there is no way to attract possible investors, such agency develops additional strategies in order to succeed its target. To solve the problem, PHA needs to raise its funds for the existing or potential clients or business colleagues. If this method is hardly acceptable due to the specifics of an agency, volunteers can simplify the situation and cut stuff expenses. Volunteers work for an experience and interest so there is no need to pay for their charity. Moreover, to attract sponsors, PHA can make open houses in order to show potential donators where will go their expenses and how will they operate. In order to increase potential benefits, agency needs to combine all the nontraditional methods. The most important factor in business development is combination and mixing of different strategies, that is why the more fund programs agency has, the more funds it will get.

To sum up, we can say that Phoenix Homeless Agency can find the right solution to the problem and get funds for further counseling only if it will unite and think over all the three strategies.

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