College Life and Smoking Cessation

Tobacco smoking is common among college students. Many college students begin smoking while in high school because of the peer-pressure and curiosity. In many cases, while in high school, many teenagers smoke tobacco secretly. However, when they join college, they smoke openly without any fear since college students are considered adults and they have the liberty to do anything they want as long as they do not cause harm to others. Besides, there is a lot of freedom in college as opposed to high school. Many colleges offer scalene facilities, thus allowing students to have the liberty to do anything they want away from the watchful eyes of their parents/guardians.

Smoking cessation and college life is an interesting topic to me because, being in college, I know a couple of classmates who are cigarette smokers. Many of them have already become addicted to cigarette smoking, some of them smoke up to a packet of cigarette per day. Many of them would like to quit smoking but they find it hard. Therefore I chose this topic so that I can determine how and why college students can/should quit smoking.

According to Thornton, a Tobacco Cessation Program Coordinator at Washington College, there has been a myth that college students find it hard to quit smoking (2011). I had this misconception too. However, Thornton states there various health programs, which support students who have the desire to give up smoking. Cessation of tobacco smoking is an important issue among college students due to the negative effects. According to a 2010 report by the American College Health Association, approximately 46 million college students are cigarette smokers (Steinberg, 2011). This implies that if college students are not provided with cigarette cessation assistance, the number of tobacco addicted will considerably increase within the next one decade and will entail a lot of diseases. Health problems which relate to tobacco smoking are skin, mouth, and stomach cancer. Bearing in mind that cancer is one of the killer diseases in the world today, the problem of cigarette smoking among college students, needs to be solved, or many other college students will become victims of the killer disease. The subjects of this study will be my college mates who are smokers, graduates who managed to cease smoking while in college, and Tobacco Cessation Program coordinators in various colleges within my city of residence.

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