Comparison of Thailand and China

Different countries are endowed with diverse features and different ways of living. People’s country preferences are determined by what they intend to pursue in their countries of interests.  Many factors attract people in some of countries than the others and understanding of the world helps people make wise choices of where to live or not to live. Focusing the world from a wider perspective helps people get immersed in diverse cultures from around the world and this greatly accelerates people’s cultural awareness.

Thailand and China are Asian countries endowed with beautiful sceneries, cultures and high technologies. The decision to live in China or Thailand is determined by several factors that people put in to considerations depending on their intents in any of the two countries. The differences in the two countries range from economic, social and political.

Thailand and China provide better markets. It might seem jobs there to be a simple decision to find jobs there. Thailand is a humid paradise where everything goes at an affordable price. China might even conquer the West and force the inhabitants obey its commands. The ESL careers are not should not be rushed for.

Job Market

To secure a job in China only means that you post your resume on the ESL websites. Many people will promise to give you a job, which will come in different forms. One may be frustrated to get the jobs that do not match his skills. Some people might ask you to work in a kindergarten in the rural areas of China instead of the University of Passion in Beijing. People try to praise their areas of resident or businesses in order to attract your attention.

Securing jobs in Thailand in absentia is impossible unless you secure a place for an attachment. This is achieved via the TEFL courses, which normally attach you to a firm at the end of the course. The whole process might cost a lot of money. Full-time work is guaranteed and a visa, when you are in the country. The Thai are less populated in the language centers than the foreigners are (Powell, pg.45). The figure that the government targets to achieve is that of 4:1 in the favor of the Thais in the workforce.


Salaries in china are a bit higher than that in Thailand. The city of residence mainly determines the income of the individual. The net income for a person is $ 800-1000 a month. The Thai wages are expected to be much lower. Many employers in China provide accommodation for their employees. Thailand means that one has to get pay the rent and sometimes may be denied some payments if they fail to work. However, Thailand is a country where teachers survive with small workloads.

Cost of Living

In respect to the cost of living, living cost of Thailand is cheaper than that of China. However, If you consider the housing cost, it is even. All the necessities including, food, clothing, housing, electronics and transportation are expensive in China than in Thailand. But in case one gets a free house in China, there is a very big difference.

Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes are extremely cheap in China and you can get them for as low as 3RMB for a bottle of beer and 5RMB for a pack of cigarettes. On the other hand, they are quite expensive in Thailand. In Thailand, a night out can cost you to almost half of your monthly wages.


This islargely a matter of personal preference. China is a vast country each part having its own unique characteristics. The weather is always neither too hot nor too cold. She has coastal areas, prairies, tropical jungles, desert plateaus mountainous areas, and so on. Of course, there is a lot of the persistent industrial pollution that goes together with living in a developing country. However, even that can be quite charming in its own way. The point is, China has an environment fit for everybody.

In Thailand, it is particularly much summer all year through. In the far north temperatures tend to drop down to freezing point in the winter, but not for long. In the rest of the country, sea level regions never get colder than twenty degrees-even at night. One is within 12 hours of a beach wherever you are. If you like warm temperatures, Thailand has palm trees and gorgeous beaches. If you like snowflake and bundling up in five layers of clothing, then you are good for China.

In entertainment options, both provide no end of choices. Nightclubs are plenty in both countries, and if that is not enough for you your, there are plenty of other things to do. In both countries, martial arts and cooking classes are offered. China has dynamic conscious music scenes and more exploration places than anywhere else does. Thailand has a blossoming sports scene and while they have far fewer places to explore, they do offer some very special wildlife excursions. This isn't really an option in China, as they have killed most of the wildlife for food or ground it into medicine. In addition, if you get uninterested with Thailand, Cambodia and Laos are just some miles away.

Working Conditions

Chinese teaching does present its own unique brand of problems but students are an exciting to work with. Thanks to and parents who especially to the one child policy, are depending on their little darlings to get a good job and take care of them back in their old age, Chinese students have it drilled into their head that studying English is crucial to their future. In some instances, they actually try too hard.

Thai students are sloths when it comes to the study of English language. At times, they are downright aggressive towards it, as many people equate foreign languages with colonialism. it is thus a major source of pride for Thailand that they are the only in the region who have never been colonized. In addition, Thais philosophy dictates that, if something is not fun, it is not worth doing. Therefore, expect to find yourself being more of a comedian than an teacher in a Thai classroom (Invernizzi pg.87).

In addition, China is very forgiving in terms of cultural faux pas, as they rightly assume we are ignorant to know things. This does not hold Thais; one cultural misstep usually monarchical, relating to Buddha or feet can have locked in the cells.


Thai food is healthier and better than Chinese food. While the Chinese talk endlessly about their food varieties, their cuisine is most if it fries in abundant amounts of fats or oil and doused in MSG. as an opinion, sense to avoid poison that serves in any average Chinese restaurant.

Thai food is virtually fat free and high in carbs. If you budget each day a dollar in Thailand for food for food, you can eat a month without having the same thing twice. In China, a dollar cannot buy you much.


It may be a shock to anyone, who might have spent even for a minute in China, but the fact is that English level in China is perfect by Asian standards. And more than enough, anyone with a university education and below age of 40 can hold a basic tête-à-tête in English. In Thailand, some people literally run away from you in terror at the first sound of an English language. If you come in Thailand as a holidaymaker and limit your interaction with them, especially those working in the tourism and hospitality industry, you may very easily to miss this.

Chinese is surprisingly stress-free language to grasp. However, it does have a tonal quality; China has got so many local and regional dialects that you can usually understand disregarding the tones. In addition, Chinese is a monosyllabic language, so learning one multi-syllable word is like learning a dozen or so. Even reading Chinese is quite easy, once you grasp its principles (Tang pg. 34).

Unless you are engaged in formal lessons, Thai is a nightmare. Or if you have a Thai girl/boyfriend with little English, your best way of learning the language is to strangle a cat and mimic the noises it make. You cannot just "speak" Thai you have to “sing" it. Moreover, while it is easy to distinguish one of the over 7000 Chinese characters from another, the fifty letter of the Thai alphabet looks almost the same to the untrained eyes. Above that, there are rules of to pronouncing certain letters depending on their location in the word.

Therefore, in about fifty years to come, it is an easy way to victory for China. However, that is not account the experience of teaching and living in Thailand. It is an amazing country with very beautiful scenery, warm people with very rich culture. If you would like your ESL experience to be stress free and relaxing, then go to China. You will not get a promising ride in this business, if you want a challenge, then, go to Thailand.

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