Creative Reasoning - Inference

It all started when our scouts club suggested us a tour and go on camping in one of the biggest and thickest forest, that is inhabited by wild animals and with the best sceneries, and of course on a different continent. We did various consultations and in result we settled on going to Africa, a continent with a good variety of climates and all sorts of wild animals. We thought that this would provide us with a nice environment and good scenes for the period we would be camping. We decided to go to a famous forest called the Karura Forest, in a remote country called Kenya.

All plans were done, so we set off for Kenya that night. We checked in the following morning guide gave us a tour and set off to our destination. We heard a lot about the Karura Forest and now finally would be there for the next few days. It was my first experience to travel to the continent of blacks, and the feelings were really awesome. We were there early in the morning, firstly we set our tents, prepared some food we had carried with us and then go deep in to the forest to see what nature had in store for us.

Curiosity overwhelmed me. I could not contain myself. I just wanted to go and explore the forest. I was known to be one of the most uncontainable students in our class, and also in our scouts club. Firstly, our tour guide proposed us go to the place where a river passed through the forest. It was an awesome view. We saw a lot of fishes and many other water creatures, funny plants and very well curved stones.

It then struck me that I should go deeper into the forest and explore it. I called my friend Davis to accompany me, and he agreed to that plan. We secluded ourselves from the rest of the team and went into the forest. It was thick and fierce, but we managed to go as we were together.

Our attention was drawn by this particular ugly looking creature that was lying beside a certain big tree. I felt like either screaming or going forward to get a better glimpse of what I was seeing. Davis and I gained the courage and moved on in order to see it better. There lied a creature that we had never seen before. A man who seemed as he was from another world. We woke him up. His hair was tied in four bunches, and each was knotted with a piece of grass. He had no clothes on him, except a tiny animal skin around his waist. His whole body was covered with very long hair. He joyfully greeted us and led us to a small cave a few meters away. His charm and charisma were irresistible, and we just found ourselves following him.

We introduced ourselves to him. He told he was called Zeddi, a Martian from Mars. He told to us how he managed to come to Earth on a spaceship with his friends and how they went back and left him while he was asleep. He told us that life on Mars was better than on Earth, moreover technology was so much more advanced and how primitive Earth was in comparison with Mars. He even suggested that he would like to take us with him, when his friends came for him if we didn’t mind going with them, of course. I was already drawn deep into him.

I couldn’t wait to go to the Mars. It was almost lunch time, so we went to the river to catch some fish. Zeddi was so skilled in fishing. Within a few minutes, he had managed to catch three fishes. We marched back to the cave where we assisted him to prepare a meal for lunch. It was really delicious. We were just left amazed with his incomparable skills. He described how look like fish on Mars it was bigger and better than on Earth. He seemed to have perfect knowledge of what he was telling us about Mars. Personally, I had no doubt that Zeddi was a Martian.

Evening was approaching, and we were eager to board the spaceship and to go to Mars as his friends were to pick him that night. Zeddi claimed that he had communicated with his friends before, and they would come to pick him at midnight. That evening we had supper at his cave and decided that we would stay away till midnight. We had decided that we would not communicate with the rest of our team since they would discourage us. At around ten in the night, we could not contain our sleep and so we all dozed off only and as result woke up the following morning. Outside the cave, there were a leaf on the ground with marks which Zeddi grabbed and claimed that it was a message left by his friends who had come at night, but they could not trace him because he was asleep. We saw him smoking something that seemed like marijuana and then he went into the deep sleep. There were so many stabs that we concluded that he was not a real Martian, but was under the effect of marijuana, although he convinced us that he really was.

That following night, immediately after we had supper, we saw the spaceship passing through to the sky just near the place where the cave was. It resembled a meteor. Zeddi took to his heels and shouted for us to follow him in order to catch the spaceship. Although, we couldn’t catch it with such a speed. Unfortunately, he was gone: he had left us on Earth.

I guessed his shouts drew attention off our teammates who had been looking for us for the two days already. They found us stranded near the cave. They were so bitter for us. We told them the whole story, and in conclusion everyone was in astonishment.

It was the tour guide who intervened and told us who Zeddi really was. He was a guy who used to read a lot about stars and had a perfect knowledge about the topic. He worked with a big corporation in the country and was very rich. Zeddi started taking marijuana and went really madly, hence going to live in the forest. That is how he started claiming to be a Martian. We all went to the ground laughing at our foolishness. Zeddi had fooled us, but we could not help it, moreover he had made our trip enjoyable. We joined our team in order to prepare to go back home since our journey was coming to an end.

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