Curriculum Vitae

My name is Ronald Monis, dedicated and self motivated person who always upholds integrity, loyalty and professionalism in whatever I do. Respect, honesty and self drive are fundamental principles that I truly esteemed not only in my personal life but also while dealing and interacting with the surrounding environment. In addition, I am self driven and meticulous able to handle sundry populace with ease for efficient and effective operations of every assignment and task at my disposal and that which is entrusted to me. Besides these personal qualities, I also value and truly esteem time management elements which offer a good and supportive platform for achievement of tasks successful. People who matters and are of interest in my undertaking are the most valuable assets that I highly value for prosperous undertaking to the success of the organization or institution as well to my career advancement and fulfillment. Currently am involved in Ba in business where am exploiting positively my energies while properly utilizing all the available opportunities for the benefit of all.

Work experience

I have over eight years’ working experience in different organizations, institutions and companies in my entire career life. From 2007 to 2010, I am working as a Procurement Director at the clinic responsible for all the requisition procedures and responsibilities at the clinic. Besides ordering all the material components like drugs, stationeries, furniture and vehicles for the clinic, I also deal with non – material properties at the clinic like consultancy services, trainings and research programs at the clinic. The budgetary responsibilities worth over 300K are also under my docket at the clinic. This involves all the accounting work of the clinic which I have done it successfully and professionally admirable by all at the clinic and outside.

I have also been a Navy serviceman for over eight years from January 2002 to December 2009. During this period, I demonstrated integrity and professionalism in the execution of duties beyond the authority’s expectations. My driving force is discipline, focus and result oriented to achieve goals and objectives optimally exploiting my potentials and maximizing on the available opportunities for optimal output and consequently overall growth and development. I was able to interact at ease with cross cultural and people with various and diverse ideologies for the value addition of my assignment to the benefit of the organization as well as my career advancement and fulfillment. In the naval service, I was in charge of store sales and inventory maintenance with over 500K worth of stock under my custody for ordering and dispatching to various institutions, organizations and companies. Due to the exemplary qualities that I demonstrated in the service, I was tasked and assigned to manage the stores department which hosts over two million dollars worth of merchandises belonging to the military. My responsibilities involved ordering processes of goods and services, auditing as well as inventory management of the company. This involved ensuring the right and proper brands, quality and quantity are maintained all the time through self discipline and motivation. All these different levels and kinds of responsibilities I carried them successfully due to hard work, honest and upholding integrity.


My exemplary conduct in all the organizations, institutions and companies that I worked earned me great and honorary recognitions. While working in the navy, I received two naval achievement medals for the best ship seller in the stores department. The totals were over 500K which went beyond the authorities expectations due to my dedication, determination and hard work at all levels. While working in the supply department, I demonstrated exemplary leadership skills and was nominated to be the leader of stores, purchasing and supply departments which composed of over twelve personnel. My achievements have not only been physical but also inherent, through accomplishment of all these tasks, I usually enjoy internal peace and desire to go back to improve and push further wherever I never managed to expectation.

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