Sports talent is an ability of an individual which can be put into use for the benefit of the player himself and the club he plays for. Clubs normally contract good players so that they can excel in tournaments and win sports awards. Therefore this writing discusses a clubs-players contracting strategy and protocol as per views of David Falk. 

In this study Brubaker & Asher highlight Falk’s demonstration of the tussle which is experienced by basketball clubs while trying to acquire the best players. In his case study Falk identifies the opposing negotiators as the club agents who wanted to convince Juwan Howard, a prominent player, to quit the Bullets club and sign a contract with them. These agents included Riley who represented the Heat club and other clubs, such as Grant Hill, Detroit, and Knicks.

In Falk’s opinion, Brubaker & Asher state that the moral strategy to select while negotiating for a player is based on a numbers of aspects, especially those which are basic to players and national requirements. The first strategy considers the salary and the allowances offered to the player by his current club and targets of the particular player so as to formulate a favorable salary. Similarly, the second strategy is to ensure that the National Basketball Association’s rules are not contradicted in order. This process guarantees that all legal requirements for contracting a player are adhered.

Brubaker & Asher note Falk’s emphasis on the kind of protocol that should be followed while conducting a contract negotiation. Firstly, the intending contractor should ensure that the already identified player for a contract can to be contracted. This means that there should not be any pending issue of legality over the player between the current club and NBA. Secondly, the negotiator should follow the required negotiation procedure according to NBA. Finally, the negotiator should ensure that the salary requirements, according to NBA, are honored and there is no illegal enticement which could lead to invalidation of the contract.


In conclusion, in order to acquire prominent players basketball clubs have to produce good enticing strategies. However, doing so, clubs must be careful not to go against the rules and the requirements of the National Basketball Association.

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