Dubai Metro

Lately, the rapid growth in various economic sectors such as financial services, tourism, property development and air transport is observed in Dubai. The population growth has led to severe traffic problems in the city. Annually, the population is estimated to increase by 6.4%.  Due to the traffic problems and their impact on the economy, the Dubai Municipality has observed the necessity for having a rail system that would facilitate the traffic congestion and promote economic development. The initial engineering contract was awarded to Systra. The rail system was to be integrated to the transport system through the Roads and Transport authority.

The groundwork of the project began in February 2006. The red line was 52.1 kilometers long with 29 stations; it runs between Jebel Ali and Al-Rashidiya. The first eight stations were opened in 2009; other two stations were opened in 2010. The 29 stations were opened by April 2012. MHI Consortium was awarded the second contract to build a Green line. This line runs between Al-Jadaf and Al-Qusais. It was opened in September. The Green line is 23 kilometers long with 18 stations. The buildings were not affected by the underground construction works. The rail uses a third power supply. All the safety measures were put in place to ensure it functional efficiently.

The metro network was the first in Gulf Arab state and it has been exceedingly valuable for the transport sector. During the first month 1.74 million passengers have traveled by the Metro Rail System. The red line has more passengers per day as compared to the green line. In 2012, Dubai’s Metro was recorded as the longest driverless rail network. The trains were designed to solve Dubai’s traffic problems and thus they have various sections. This includes a VIP section, silver section and a women and children section. If the network is fully operational, it can serve more than 1.2 million passengers on a daily basis. The incurred operational costs will be met through the sales.

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