Ethical Reasoning - Testing on Animals

Annually, over 150 million animals die while conducting experiments on them. Nearly 65% dies during different medical research programs, tests of new drugs or treatment methods, as far as during fundamental military, space and educational experiments (Taylor, Gordon, Langley, & Higgins, 2008). Such procedures terrify people because of the actions that take place. Experimenters can scald animals, poison them, starve, accustom to drugs, cause stomach ulcers, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, syphilis, AIDS. Such violence proves that humanity should found other ways out. If people are superior and have more power to influence others, they must not manipulate the weaker ones.

The achievements of modern medicine show that testing on animals is not only useful, but have already helped people to save thousands of lives (Taylor, Gordon, Langley, & Higgins, 2008). The aim of such experiments is to create numerous useful advantages. The proponents of the medical experiments on animals think that good results are more important than the damage. Before the products, such as medicine, drugs, cosmetics, are on the market, they must go through clinical test for the toxic intensity not to endanger people’s health.

On the other hand, people, owning a pet at home, know that veterinarian service is the vital part of taking care of it. Veterinarians use all knowledge and experimental results existing today on animals, as well. Moreover, it must be mentioned what kind of animals experimenters use in their activity. Usually, these animals are rabbits, mice, rats, cats, so any endangered or rear species are impossible to be on the list (Goodall, 1999). Lack of experimental materials is one more reason to ensure that such tests are essential. In other words, it is just nothing else existing to conduct tests on.  Human being is a superior form of life. Our organism can adapt to any environment and conditions and turn them into benefits. Some primate species have identical to human genes, so the results of various tests can help to see the real reaction of the human body to one or another medication.

The opponents, of testing on animals, state that animal experiments are completely immoral as the every animal creature has the right to live. Modern medicine has 150 drugs that successfully passed the test, but appeared to be dangerous for people. Analysis of the medical achievements has demonstrated that medical progress depends more on the clinical studies of the patient, than on animal experiments. Jane Goodall (1999) indicated, “...animals have not been as critical to the advancement of medicine as is typically claimed by proponents of animal experimentation. …a great deal of animal experimentation has been misleading and resulted in either withholding of drugs…or to the release and use of drugs that …have actually contributed to human suffering and death”. The writer indicates that animal testing does more harm than benefit. Nowadays, many alternatives exist to the problem that we can use instead. The question is why scholars do not want to admit it.

To my mind, the main aim of animal experiments over the past years is to help people. However, the life expectancy for this period has not changed while the number of chronic diseases continues to grow. As humanity has stepped into the third millennium, it demands some progress to appear. I agree with people, who are against animal testing, and I am deeply concerned that animals must not be the tools in human’s laboratories. They are also able to feel pain, loneliness, frustration and fear. People have no right to imprison animals, to cause them physical pain in sake of scientific purposes. Recently many alternative ways have emerged that can help to avoid any unnecessary violence.

In conclusion, numerous associations and movements can prove that testing on animals can be omitted. The movement "Beauty Without Cruelty" supports the health and beauty products that are not tested on animals. Products of these companies have a sign: "Not tested on animals", "Cruelty free". Many people prefer to buy products with such signs and together they form the whole army against cruelty.

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