The construction industry is perceived to be more than a man’s job than that of a woman. In view of this, Susan Eisenberg tells of the experiences of women who have had a chance to work in the construction industry and their feelings towards the same. Barbara Trees was one of those women having been induced in the construction industry at a tender age. She had all the necessary background information regarding the construction before entering into the workforce. She viewed herself as having enough hands on experience with men in the carpentry work place. She worked as a low level employee at a workplace that did not satisfy her income needs as well as other needs such as being in a unionised workforce. She had no college degree and her drive to enter into the carpentry industry just amazes me. Her first job was at a subway where she had never had any experience in the subway construction before. She was one enthusiastic character despite the fact that she had not worked anywhere near a subway station or a line before. Although she had doubts about her ability to work there, she managed to go through the initiation stages and her talkative attitude must have helped her manage through the workforce (Eisenberg, 1998). In any situation where she felt unsafe, she would ask for directions on how to go about the issue.

I feel that she impresses me big time because of her willingness to work in a totally different environment from the one she had hoped for. Coming from a low paying job to a construction industry was one of her dreams and hence it is absolutely intriguing to see read her first experience at a subway. Her fear of heights and her keenness to ask for assistance just shows how eager she was to get enlisted in the construction industry (Eisenberg, 1998). I feel that her story resembles mine in a significant way. I had been an apprentice for this electrical company which I really had no idea what happened inside the company. On my first day, armed with my tools of trade, I went to the site supervisor who led me to my immediate foreman. He would ask me if I had done any digging before and I told him that I had never. Only then did I realize that there was a very huge cable lying from the transformer area waiting to be laid on an underground network to the main control room. This for me was an experience I had never had in my life but the foreman guided me on how to go about the days hustles since all other workers were men. He helped me a lot and after the digging which we did manually, we had to lay the cable down and undertake some cable termination work. I had no prior experience but after the first worker successfully did it, I could not wait until it was my turn to show my prowess despite the fact that I had only seen it and no skills were available at hand.

I feel that my experience and that of Barbara trees are the same since we all did not get what we expected in the workforce but we gracefully accepted the challenge. I further feel that Barbara impresses a lot due to her brevity in asking questions and facing her worst fears such as the height of the ladder and the darkness which according to her was very scary. She however, had a lot of thoughts to herself which in normal situations derail individuals from concentrating on the objective of the job at hand.

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