Food, like any other identity, is used to distinguish different cultures. Supermarkets sell foods that are got from all over the world most of which were introduced by the immigrants. Most varieties of cuisines that are in America are from the immigrants, each adding a unique flavor and touch. Americans have over the years interacted with the immigrants leading to a mixture of cultures, including the foods. However, Americans only take on the foods that please them and may be have economic or health boosts. Americans love trying new exotic foods in hotels, and so the immigrant’s food traditions have contributed to the success of American hotels. Each cuisine has its way of preparation and eating, and due to the variety the immigrants’ food has changed America’s eating culture. Most Americans eat in hotels because of the variety of foods unlike traditionally where people preferred to stay at home and cook (Zanger 12).

From ancient times, America has had some unique foods that include meat that was served with distilled liquor. The fertile nature of America invited foreigners who came in the country as immigrants. At the time, Americans still ate meat as their staple food and made their whisky from corn that was left over after feeding livestock.

This led to a rise in drinking habits especially among men, and in the 19th century they were drinking an average of 7 gallons of whiskey every year. Compared to the immigrant’s lifestyles, that was considered to be an unhealthy eating and drinking habit as it would also lead to gout. The combination of red meat and alcohol in large quantities also led to weight and heart problems among the Americans (Zanger 24).

Hot dogs and hamburgers have become a vital part of America’s eating culture, yet they were first introduced in the country by Germans. Before the start of the Civil War, there existed four well known American food traditions, all from English sources. There was The New England one that cooked plainly citing religious reasons, and was against foods with a lot of spices and seasoning. The New Englanders preferred to boil their meat or bake it, and it was served with boiled vegetables. They were also actively baking pies and breads. The Southern tradition was, unlike The New England, and they loved seasoning and frying most of their meals. Their diet had some influences from a number of immigrants who were from Africa, Spain, and India. Then the Middle Atlantic who also made intelligible and basic foods mainly by means of boiling. In the Back Country, they mostly ate pork for meat and baked cakes that were served with assorted greens (Zanger 45).

Germans were among the first immigrants to influence America’s eating culture and their foods. The normal emphasis on meat, whiskey, pastries and sour flavors were gradually replaced by a more commercial diet. Most of the foods that were included in the new diet were developed from German foods, which were easier to prepare portable too. Hot dog and hamburgers emerged and with time they became a part of the American culture.

Most of the American hotels have hamburgers and hot dogs on their diet and replaced the usual meat with alcohol on the menu.

The foods began mass production and were sold in different forms using different preservation techniques. Hamburgers and hotdogs became commercially successful, and with time, standardization was done. Before the immigrants started settling in the America, Germans used the recipe used to prepare the two foods, but they did not use them for commercial purposes. The method of preparation was also different from that used by Americans (Zanger 62).

The foods were well received, and slowly it became common in every household. Most Americans prefer to buy cooked food than to prepare it from scratch. The two foods brought by the German immigrants are quite portable and can be flavored differently to suit the consumer’s needs. In the past, Americans had problems with their eating behavior where people ate a lot of junk foods from supermarkets. The result was an increase in cases of obesity and heart complications because of eating too many artificial foods. When hot dogs and burgers were introduced in America, they were not as popular as when they started being sold in hotels as a quick snack. People preferred them to the extremely modified junk foods in the stores. Depending on how a person loves them, the two foods can be altered to meet individual tastes. Hamburgers is made using different meat with some having greens for the vegetarians. Americans were relieved as they could walk in their favorite hotels and depending on their preferences enjoy the same meals with different flavors and seasoning. The trend was incorporated into the American culture, and in the modern world, is among the key identities of the food culture in America (Zinczenko, Matt 33).

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