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Many people in the world wonder what has happened because life has changed completely as from the beginning of 19th century. There has been a rise in temperature which is referred to as global warming. In 19th century, the temperature of the earth has risen to 0.8 degrees, and this goes up each day. The change in temperature does not reduce but increase. This change has made an increase in global worming on earth. People have started finding ways of mitigating, but without success. It has caused dangerous effects to human life and environment. Scientists have defined and established the causes of global worming and 90 % explains that it is cause by human activities to the environment. The introduction of greenhouses has led to concentration of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Scientists add, that other activities like deforestation and burning fossil fuel affects. Global warming has dangerous effects to human and the natural world and people should consider taking up mitigation measures.


There some external forces, which makes climate to change. They may add or decrease temperature in the atmosphere. Those forces had led to increase of global warming because some of them did not exist before 19th century and at that time global warming effects were not evidenced.  Greenhouses gases add more gases to the atmosphere. The gas from greenhouses evaporates to the atmosphere and causes the increases of warmth to the atmosphere. The emergency of the industrial revolution has increased the emission of different gases to the atmosphere. These gases include carbon dioxide, water vapor, methane, ozone. The cloud, which absolves the gases increases the occurrence of global warming because they affect the radiation balance. The increase in human population and domestic animals has led to increase in the application of greenhouse. Sociological and technological changes have also increased the emission of different gases to the atmosphere. The process of the carbon cycle has led to increase in emission of many gases, and this leads to increase in atmospheric temperature.  Many Scientists have tried to stop global warming, but unsuccessful because new technology adds new devices, which increases emission of gases (Martin 70).

Anther cause is particulates and soot. Volcanoes and human activates produce particulates which exerts the cooling effect. They affect cooling by reflecting the sun rays and this changes the effect of the rays to the ground. The fossil fuels combustion has been in production for many decades, and they combine with Particulate to produce carbon dioxide. Particulates last for only one week, but they produce carbon dioxide. Particulate do not have much effect to the change of temperature, but their  products, which is carbon dioxide cause increase in gases through radiation. The other product, which may warm or cool, is soot. They are disposed to the surface, and their effects depend on the type. Some warms the atmosphere, and at the same time they cool the ground. Solar has also caused an increase in global worming. The changes in solar have increased the warmth in the atmosphere, and this has caused climate change (Houghton 70).


Reichler Thomas in his book, Global Warming explains the effects of global warming. He explains the physical, ecological and social effects. The book explains the effects with relevant examples and theories.  Global warming has great effects to the entire word. Detection shows that the change in climate has affected physical, ecological and social systems. The change in temperature increases the warming of earth service. Areas with higher northern latitudes experience greater warming while those at the Southern Ocean experience lower warming.  Researches show that if global warming increases nature will change. The volume of the sea is expected to decrease, and the volume of ice coverage will also decrease. The climate will change completely, and those areas, which are cold, will receive much heat (Thomas 82).

Global warming has a possibility of causing natural disaster in the near future.  Many places will turn into desert. Trees and animals will die, and the world will have no resources to use in manufactory of products. This will lead to decline in production industries and agricultural sector. Some years to come the whole world may face a lot of problems resulting to death of many plants and animals. In the near future, people and living organism may lose their inhabitants. Those animals which use trees as their inhabitants have already started loosing their homes. Human activities like deforestation have made birds and other animals loose their home (Thomas 89).

Ecosystem has been affected by warming, and many plants have been eliminated from growth. The growth rate of most plant and animals have reduced. In the near feature, some plants like mangrove, Tundra and coral reefs will no longer exist in the environment. Warming has a wide range of social effect. It has affected the growth of crops, and this makes people have low production of foods. Recently, high rate of malnutrition case has been experienced. This happens due to the reduced rate of crop growth. People plant crops of the same type and this make those who can not get enough money to buy different food staffs to take one diet. Global warming has led to increased migration and this increase population in a particular area. Congestion of people in one place affects economic growth. People leave their home land, and this mean that they assist in growth of other people land hence their place remains the some. Economic studies explain that the increase in temperature can lead to decline in food production in low latitude areas (Martin 34).


Amy in the book, “Global Warming” explains the possible measures to take in order to prevent the occurrence of global warming. The book highlights physical measures for individuals to undertake. Many years’ government and private sectors have been looking forward to mitigating global warming. The use of greenhouse has been discouraged, and new ways are still put in effect. People have been finding new technology to use which do not produce much carbon dioxide. The use of fossil fuels is economical but since it releases many gases should be eliminated. All government should put laws disregarding the use of all those things which increases or causes climatic change (Farrar 50).

People may also plan to adopt climate change. People should plan to react to anticipated climate change without government intervention. Some people have started adapting climate change in many countries. The adaptive capacity determines the ability for individuals to adjust and cope with climate change. Human beings and nature should be able to maximize the use of opportunities while moderating the arising risk and copping with consequences. People prepare to adopt through building lakes, and conservation of forests and other natural resources like mountains, hills and seas. In order to cope with drought, people should plant more food and save for future use. Geo-engineering deals with climatic modification. Royal society and NASA investigates the cause of global warming and finds mechanisms to eliminate the causes. It seeks to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide and management of solar radiation (Broke 60).

The help of geo-engineering agencies and ability for individuals to adopt with climate change can reduce the effects of global warming. People should take care of the environment and make sure that they act in respect of climatic condition. Whether forecast department helps in prediction of climate. People should make use of the prediction and prepare adequately.  For example, during the rainy season, farmers should plant different crops to be used during the dry season (Amy 54).

Different perspectives

Different groups of people have perceived global warming differently. The groups focus on the global warming policies. They weigh between causes of emission from greenhouses and benefits with the greenhouses. Properly, global warming will mostly affect the poorer regions. Politically, many countries are members of the United Nations Convention on Climate Change. This body acts with an objective of reducing and preventing human activities, which affects the climate system. Kyoto Protocol was put into practice in 2005. This protocol requires the developed countries to reduce emission of carbon (Martin 67).

In 2008, Gallup Polls took a survey over 127 countries, and almost a third of the world’s population did not know anything to do with global warming. People in developed countries were aware than those from developing countries. Africa had the least number of the people aware. In 2009, American people did not accept that global warming could cause harm to society. Most of the American people do not believe that global warming occurs as a result of emission of gases from industries and motor vehicles. Scientist, agree that global warming is caused by human activities (Oxlade 90).


Global warming has increased from time to time despite efforts to mitigate. There some things, which causes a change in temperature, but they benefit individual. This has made global warming increase becomes some activities are beneficial hence they increase atmospheric temperature. People should consider the benefit of the whole society and stop doing things for their own gain.

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