Global Warming

Global warming is a phenomenon which occurs whenever there is an increase in the average temperature of Earth’s surface. Many experts estimate that the average temperature will rise additionally 2.5 to 10.4 degree F (1.4 to 5.8 degree C) by 2100 (Mastrandrea). The most important cause of worry is that natural ecosystems might not be able to acclimatize to the rapid climate changes and the ecosystem might get heavily disturbed. A basic ecosystem comprises of the living beings and physical environment in any geographic region. Global warming may cause much more harm than expected. Through this paper, I wanted to highlight the causes and effect of Global warming on the ecosystem and create awareness among the people.

Climatologists have analyzed the reason behind global warming and found that human activities are majorly responsible for the same such as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. Human activities contribute enormously to the global warming via enhancing Earth’s natural greenhouse effect. This greenhouse effect heats up the Earth’s surface and particles in the atmosphere. The burning of fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide which is used by trees and plants during the photosynthesis process. But human by deforestation contributes to the build up and non removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

The continuous global warming many have serious effects which may harm aquatic plants and animal.  The surface water of the ocean may get warmer because of the global warming and raises the pressure on ocean ecosystems such as coral reefs. Due to the high water temperature “coral bleaching” which a damaging process may occur and result in their death unless water temperature cools. High temperature also spread diseases that affect sea creatures. The tiniest marine plants, photoplankton and zooplankton die off if the water becomes too warm. These creatures are the staple food of many species of fish and their absence can decimate fisheries.  These delicate food chains, easily disrupted by temperature rises could well have a potentially catastrophic effect on our ability to feed an ever growing population (Council). Global warming may also force land animals and plants to move or be moved to new habitats. Many species will be endangered and may find difficulty surviving in their current inhabit. For example, many flowering plants may not bloom without a sufficient period of cold. The poignant plight of the Polar bear struggling to survive as its habitat melts away is just one of many creatures with nowhere to go. Tropical lizards detect the effects of global warming in a climate. Even the smallest change in the tropics makes a difference to the tropical species most susceptible to climate change. (Smith)

We need to plant more trees and use alternative eco-friendly resources and technology of energy instead of fossil fuel such as geothermal power, solar energy, and hybrid technology, use of bio-fuel and use of electric charged vehicles like moped.

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