God's Voice

The voice of God is basically recognized by the spontaneous thoughts that light upon one’s mind. My case is not any different because the spontaneous thoughts help me in my day to day life. The Rhema word in every situation that I go through is very crucial. Rhema refers to the voice of God which is sensed as a spontaneous idea, thought, feeling, impression, or a vision. It is very important to always quiet myself so that I can listen and clearly hear God’s voice. In the course of my prayer life, I look for visions as I pray. I take the journaling of every prayer very seriously where I write down all the pictures and thoughts that come into my visions in a flowing manner (Vickler, 1986).

There are qualities which characterize the thoughts of God that are interjected into our hearts and these include the following; God’s thoughts are spontaneous meaning that they are not analytical or cognitive and are articulated through our own personalities and the styles of speech that we so often use. God’s thoughts are gentle and light because they come to us as though God is speaking to us in person. God’s thought to me come with very special reactions such as conviction, peace, excitement and renewed faith in Him. Through embracing the word of God, I receive full strength to carry out all activities and I have immeasurable joy in performing them according to the will of God. This comes through the deep convictions that come into me whenever I read the word of God and realize that it is the voice of God (Vickler, 2006).

Testing the flow of thoughts is encouraged to avoid confusion of the voices in the spirit. I always test the flow of thoughts to know whether it is from God or not. This is done through good posture of my heart so that the Holy Spirit is able to minister to me concerning the flow of thoughts, dreams and visions. The Holy Spirit teaches us as Christians to know the will of our Father who is our God in Heaven. The thoughts are also tested against the Bible which is the true word of God. We derive wisdom from the word of God because it was written under the inspiration of God Himself. The word teaches us on all the heartaches, struggles, and all situations that we go through as Christians; it has all solutions to all problems that we face every day (Vickler, 2006).

The Rhema word has really changed my life in terms of improving and increasing productivity in the Christian realm. It has helped me to be an effective minister of God and His word. By hearing the voice of God, I have become an authoritative teacher of the word because am confident of the word itself and even in the one who has sent me who is God our Father. Listening and hearing from God fills me with the desire to serve Him and to always listen and learn much more from His table in His presence. It also makes my faith grow to higher levels. The personal relationship with the creator who is our God that is created during listening from Him is a great blessing especially for me because I take it as a special gift that He has given unto us whom He calls His sheep (Vickler, 1986).

The essence of becoming still in the presence of God is mandatory because it is in doing so, that we are able to connect and sense the flow of emotions and thoughts of God. Biblically, Habakkuk recorded that “I will stand on my guard post…’’ (Hab. 2:1) because he realized that it was only by being still in a quiet place that he would hear the still small voice of God. This shows us that stillness is quite important. Stillness in the mind and of the flesh brings deep inner awareness in our inner spirits of the voice of God other than our own thoughts. A quiet and intimate worship song to the creator to show love and absolute surrender brings total stillness and in the process we open our spirits to the spontaneous flow of the voice of God (Vickler, 2006).

When thoughts flow into the mind I write them down, and when guilt comes into my thoughts I repent to receive the cleansing by the blood of the Lamb so that I see myself spotless clean in His presence. This is because the word is Holy and the pure word comes to them that are well aligned with their Maker.

Fixing my eyes on the real source and author of the intuitive flow who is Jesus, rather than on my own desires I am well able to receive the holy and pure word from the Lord. Fixing my eyes on desires of my heart, the flow will come from the desires in my heart which are not necessarily what God has in mind for me. Fixing my eyes on Jesus is therefore very important because the real intuitive and spontaneous flow comes from Him. By being still and fixing my gaze upon Jesus, the spontaneous ideas and thoughts start flowing from God to me and the conversation with the King of Kings continues (Vickler, 2006).   

Through dreams and visions of God which are from the spirit of God I am able to pray with some divine direction. God speaks through visions and dreams and it was the case even in the bible (Old and New Testament) and He promised that they would still be in our generation to them that He would anoint with the Holy Spirit. God expects us to open our eyes of the heart and look for vision and the movement of God. In the realm of the spirits, there are all kinds of spirits ranging from angels, the Holy Spirit, Jesus, omnipresent Father, omnipresent son and demons. It is for me to fix my eyes on Jesus and look for Him in visions as I pray (Vickler, 1986).

Recording through journaling every vision that I see has helped me to grow tremendously in faith and has removed my doubts about His existence and His word. This is so because vision can be so easy that you can be tempted to refuse and reject it but through consistent journaling of the vision, it will occur that they are flowing spontaneously and through this, doubts are overcome. Visions and dreams are very essential and it was a promise in the bible that the young men will have visions and the old men will have dreams so that they could know what God wants in this world and in this generation (Vickler, 2006). This helps us to pray for the bad and worse happenings that we are warned against through the visions and to thank the Lord for the things to come.

Constant contact with the Almighty God is very crucial and beneficial and everyone has the ability to have the close contact with Him. Divine initiative has really helped me in my walk with the Lord because the eyes of my heart are enlightened to what the Almighty God requires of me in this life. We find that Jesus declared that He did everything that He learnt from His Father and therefore fulfilled His purpose on earth and this is what I aspire to also do; fulfill my purpose on the earth.

 Journaling of my prayers and the answers that God gave has brought me great freedom in listening and hearing the voice of God. There are so many recorded examples of prayers and their replies from God in the scriptures. It is often referred to as a two-way journaling and it is a fabulous catalyst in discerning clearly God’s spontaneous inner flow because I am able to confidently write the journal in faith for a long period believing in my heart that it is from God. Whatever I conceive and believe in my heart that I have received from the Almighty God must undergo testing which involves doubt. Doubt always block divine communication and this is why journaling is important because I receive in great faith and when the flow ends am able to examine and test the flow carefully checking whether or not it is in accordance with the scriptures (Vickler, 1986).  

Through hearing the voice of God I am able to have the solid commitment to know and obey His word in a better way. This obedience connects me to firm and spiritual counselors which is for my own safety and growth and they help me in confirming the journals that I write down. My life has changed in unexpected and profound ways through hearing the voice of God. The Lord has restored and renewed me from all the struggles that have afflicted me in life through hearing the voice of God. These struggles include grief, rebellion, addiction, loneliness and so many other situations. Recalling the voice of God has powerful illustrations of the true principle of forgiveness, love, and compassion that I often teach and believe in (Vickler, 2006).

Hearing the voice of God has helped me and has power to heal my physical ailments and the emotional wounds that had overtaken me in the past. Through hearing the voice of God I have been able to mend my relationships that had always been broken in the past because of carrying the heaviness of grudges of every misunderstanding. When I need the guidance from God He always provides guidance that alters my life and also gives me divine direction when am not sure of what to do next.

Hearing God’s voice has instilled in me a profound experience of love, hope, goodness, restoration, contentment, freedom, faith, awareness of God’s union, and peace which surpasses all human understanding. On difficult days, the voice of God gives me courage and in sad days, he gives me joy that He has promised. On ordinary days, the voice of God encourages me to carry on with life knowing that the promises of God are real and I can have them through faith and believing. God’s voice has helped me to take hold of the life that is extraordinary that God wants for me every day. Interacting with the Lord in a close personal level has given me assurance, mercy, grace, divine guidance through obedient mind and heart (Vickler, 2006).

The call of God through His voice calls me to love, forgiveness and life rather than bondage or drudgery. It is to a common good for me and all others therefore teaching me to sacrifice for others. God uses my passions, hopes and dreams to accomplish His purpose on earth through me and staying in line with Him through hearing His voice. The call of God comes to me at the intersection of my gifts and talents, abilities and my resources with the needs and requirements of fellow people. Through self knowledge and self determination, I have been able to listen and hear from God through His small still voice (Vickler, 1986).  

Hearing the voice of God enhances personal growth which is defined as totally and clearly recognizing one’s needs for living a fulfilled life and having what it takes to achieve the required and desired results. This is often referred to as the process of emancipation and through hearing God’s voice; I have been able to go through the process and experienced real personal growth in terms of spiritual and mental aspects. Through sharing what God’s voice teaches me with my family and friends, I have gained and improved real confidence in the social situations in terms of daily problems, struggles and achievements (Vickler, 2006). The common feelings of powerlessness are greatly reduced by hearing the voice of God.

The voice of God instructs and corrects me in righteousness and causes me to profit in Christ. Clearly hearing the voice of God has benefited me in many ways and has changed my life profusely. It exhorts, reproves, rebukes, warns, admonishes, edifies, comforts and guides me into the truth. In order to hear the voice of God always remove all the distractions that capture your concentration and be fully filled with the love of God.

As a matter of fact, restructuring and planning ahead of the schedule to have time for my uninterrupted time with God has really helped me to listen from God. I prepare myself mentally, physically, emotionally and I repent all sins and then wait expectantly to hear from God. Obedience to the word of God has really taught me so many aspects in life and I have stayed away from so many planned schemes of the enemy. It also helps me to stay alert thereby avoiding all his tricks and always and constantly praying against the tricks of the enemy who is the devil (Vickler, 1986).

Hearing the voice of God, has taught me discipline in all aspects of life and am able to take all things as Jesus would take them. This is because He teaches me all things through dialoguing with God during the quiet times that I undertake every day (Vickler, 2006). The voice of God guides me step-by-step and day-by-day and this has made me a role model and a mentor to so many people in our community because they view me as successful and I have answers to every problem that they face every day. I strive a lot to teach them on how and where I derive all the wisdom from so that they could know how to pray and get much wisdom from God and recognize that it is not about me but about Jesus who is the author and finisher of every Christian’s life.

It is really tough to listen from God in the midst of all the distractions, noise and so many other voices speaking to us in different ways. This is so because the voice of God is very still and gentle therefore not able to overcome and overpower all other voices and noises that are present in the contemporary world. In order to hear Him well, I have made intentional decisions to set time for dialogue with God (Vickler, 2006).

Through the hearing and obeying God’s voice, we bring together the harvest and expand and enlarge God’s kingdom. As a matter of fact every Christian has a role to play under mission and ministry that God has ordained for all people. Through realizing our purpose through the Holy Spirit, the whole body of Christ comes together in real complete unity and perfect harmony and as it is biblical that where there is unity is where God commands blessings. We become heirs in the kingdom of God by partaking in His blessings (Vickler, 1986).

The Holy Spirit teaches and counsels us and this is also a form of the voice of God. I receive God’s knowledge from the Holy Spirit which in turn causes me to fear the Almighty God. This fear of God keeps me near God because it is like a fence which keeps me safe and very near to God and in return I enjoy real joy of a spotlessly clean heart through constant repentance. The Holy Spirit in a conclusion has taught me so many great aspects of life and I have continually received eternal unity and companionship with God, wisdom from God, understanding from God, counsel from God, power from God and faith that we receive through hearing the word of God (Vickler, 2006).  

In conclusion, hearing the voice of God is possible and has so many positive benefits to the hearer of the voice. The positive are many than the limitations especially to all Christians who believe that there will be life after the mortal death and so keep preparing for the second coming of Christ. The study of hearing God’s voice and actually doing it practically has really changed my life and the view of hearing the voice of God. In the past, I have waited for the audible voice of God but I have now known the truth which will set me free and teach me the will of God. Through obeying the voice of God continually will lead me to eternal life.

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