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The prime purpose of this paper is to explain at length, why the Google Company deserves to be considered to be among the most famous and leading companies in the world. It aims at explaining ways, in which the company has created a roadmap for other Information Technology (IT) companies. The article also seeks to examine what has contributed to the reputation accorded to this company. The second part of this work looks at the company as one of the world’s most secretive organizations.

Google Company is a multinational company that was founded back in the year 1996. The company came into being as a PhD research project conducted by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The two were taking their PhD studies at the Stanford University. The company specializes in the provision of internet related technological product and services, such as software advertising technologies, online materials search and cloud computing. Google’s focus is to develop ways, in which people connect with information. The mission the company works on is to be a company, which will help organize the world information make it universally accessible and useful to users.

Google has not only achieved impressive heights but also it have positively influenced people’s way of life. In fact, it has set a benchmark that other Information technology (IT) companies elsewhere can emulate. This makes it right for the company to be considered as among the best and successful companies in the world today. One may wonder, how can the company be considered to be successful? The answer solely lies on the things that the company has undertaken and the way it has operated on these undertakings. The company’s driving force is to make information technology sharing more efficient and quicker. Its achievements and reputation can be attributed the explanation given herein.

To begin with, the company offers a wide range of customer centered internet-related products and services. Currently, the Google search engine is the most dominant among the existing search engine. A recent research indicates that the search engine takes a loins share of the 72 percent of the search market share leaving the 28 percent to be shared among other search engine providers. The Google search handles more than 1 billion requests in a single day. The numerous number of search requests are handled by the company’s more than 1 million worldwide servers. One may ask, what has made this service to be so popular within such a short period? The answer to this question is straightforward, Effective and efficiency. This has made its use to be the most preferred over other search engines. It is also easy to use and provides search results quickly. This has improved many people’s lives especially students and researchers, who do their academic research online. They can easily access the much-needed information. (Google Inc.).

The success of the company’s search engine can also be attributed to its speed in processing information and having a wide range of information. The company emphasizes on the speed of its products and services. As stipulated in this article, Google may be the only company whose goal is to have its customers leave their website as quickly as possible having been satisfied with what they were searching for. This speed experienced in Google search is as a result of the kind of algorithms used. One of such algorithms is the Page Rank. These features among others have made the search engine gain popularity globally posing stiff competition to other providers.

The Gmail service provided by Google can be considered as one of another reason for the company success in the word. Gmail is a webmail service for storing email data. It is an effective means of communication by use of emails. The reason as to why most people prefer it is that it has more storage capacity than any other email service. This makes it possible for users to store more data online without having to delete it. The stored data can be accessed at any place in the world regarded that there is a network connection to the internet. It also facilitates transfer and sharing of large memory files over the internet. Google Docs is another part of Google’s productivity that has been integrated in Gmail. This service enables Gmail users to create, collaborate and even edit documents in an online environment. This service has taken the field of internet communication to a higher level unlike in the recent past. At the beginning of 2010, the service had more than 176 million monthly users globally. This success cannot be said to be a mere luck for the company but it is because of the attention Google gives to its customers. The company values its customers’ needs and feedback in implementing new interface, designs, and layout (Ford 2010).

Google map is another product that has significantly assisted Google for getting to the higher grounds in the field of information technology. The product has quickly gained popularity since it was launched. The reason behind this is that the service is remarkably comprehensive. It is easy to use thus meeting many peoples’ needs regardless of their level of education. The service enables its users to locate places anywhere in the world. The service is fast and very accurate in giving directions and locations. It can be used in a variety of devices ranging from mobile phones to all types of computers. This in return has increased the company’s market base.

Another product in the list that has contributed to Google’s success is the Android. This is an open source Operating System (OS) designed for the smart phones. The OS has witnessed massive demand by leading smart phones manufacturers such as HTC, Samsung, and Motorola among others. Google took the advantage and swallowed the Android Inc. just before other mobile phone OS’s were introduced. As a result, Google has gained popularity over its competitors. This has been a significant contributor to the immense profits registered by the Google Company (Ford 2010). The efficiency and the effectiveness of the products mentioned above among others have been the main contributors of the company’s profits and consequently its success.

The goodness of a company can be gauged in terms of the assistance it gives to the public. Google has been in the forefront in philanthropic activities. In the year 2004, the company initiated the Google.Org, which is non-profit making foundation. The main aim of the foundation is to create awareness of crucial global problems. Such as, climate change, global poverty, and global health. The company funds the foundation with a tune of $1 billion. This shows that the company is dedicated in helping people globally especially the poor. This is way of giving back to the society.

To extend its generosity, the company denoted funds in support of education. In 2011, Google gave 1 million Euros in support of the international Mathematical Olympiad. This was aimed at helping students with mathematical talents. Through such activities, the company helps in nurturing young talents that are believed to have the power to positively transform the world. Furthermore, the company funds a project aimed at getting ideas that can help improve the community.

Google Company has strived to engage the whole world by participating in other activities. Most notably, the company has the tradition of making April Fools’ Day jokes. For instance, in 2011, the company created a joke on Gmail Motion. This joke was about how one could control the computer and Gmail with body movements using the user’s webcam. To extend its involvement with the community, Google has also Easter eggs. Another way it has involved people in its operation is for example during FIFA World Cup in 2010, when one placed a search like ‘FIFA’, ‘World Cup” this would cause the page indicator at the bottom of each result pages to read ‘Goo-----al!’ instead of the usual ‘Goo….gle’ Indicator. Such jokes and many more are some of effective ways of ensuring that the company keeps in touch with the people it serves. This simply results to a good relationship between the company and the People where people feel free and involved. In return, people regard such a company to be generally good and continue using its products.

As a proof of its goodness, Google Company has the best terms for employees. The famous magazine ranked Google as the best company to work for in the years 2007, 2008, and 2012. In 2009 and 2010, it was ranked fourth. The company’s employees are motivated by the cooperate philosophy of the company. Such casual principles include: “You can be serious without a suit” and “work should be challenging and the challenge should be fun”. Such policies make the employees’ working environment be fun. In the year 2010, the company was nominated to be the world’s lucrative employer to the graduating students. This was announced in the Universum Communications talent exhibition index.

In terms of profitability, Google Company is among the companies that make largest amounts of profits annually. At the end of fiscal year 2006, the company made a profit of $10.492 billion. The profit grew gradually to the tune of $37.9 billion in the year 2011. (Miller 2012) Over ninety-six percent of these profits came from its advertising programs. The company has devised remarkably efficient advertising technology and programs. Such advertisement modes include the most popular AdWords and AdSense. The AdWords enables advertisers to place the materials they want to advertise in the Google content network. This gives them the freedom of deciding what to be advertised. On the other hand, the sister program, AdSense allows websites or blog owners to display advertisements for other companies on their website. Through this program, website owners earn money, each time the ads on their websites are clicked. From such benefits, who can say that Google is not among the best company in the world? Certainly, no one do, except those who have not experienced the goodness on the company.

From the above observation, Google is one of the best companies in the world today. By the year 2011, the company had more than 1 billion visitors per month. (Ben 2011). Starting from the wide range of products it offers, their effectiveness and efficiency. The company is friendly to its customers with regard to support it gives to the society; it is a clear indication of the company’s goodness and the roles it plays in bettering the lives of millions of people worldwide. With this respect, other companies including those in the technology sector should strive to emulate Google Company.

Today Google has turned out to be a global giant in the world of information technology. By just mentioning the word Google, one may think of the internet while this is not the case. It is estimated that this world giant offers services to about one billion people per month. (Ben 2011). However, it is very difficult to know who visited a site licensed under Google. One may want to get the details of a person, who is known to be a customer of Google. However, funny enough, no single individual can be able to access this information. It is not that Google does not have that information but because the privacy is an important tool for any business. First, by keeping secrets, a company can be able to hold a technology or a concept being known, thus preventing any access by the competitors. The other reason as to why secrecy is important is because of security. In a recent rating, Google was positioned number four among the most secretive companies in the US. This list, topped by apple, does not exclude some other global figures like Coca-Cola. These are well known secretive successes and their success can be partly attributed to their secrecy. Therefore, it follows that Google has succeeded to its current status due to the secrecy it maintains. Google Inc. makes sure that the algorithms used in searching are kept highly secretive. This has enabled the company to remain at the top of the information technology world. This prevents its competitors from copying these high quality computer applications.

Another major feature that is evident with Google is mobility. Many of the Google applications are mobile. Here, mobility implies the rate, at which these applications are modified. For example, in 2010, alone, there were five hundred and fifty improvements. Significantly, there is also a fact that any competitor willing to copy these applications cannot make it to the same level as Google. Mathematicians will tell that the possible combinations from 550 improvements are numerous. That is numerous for one to get a correct guess, it will take him or her quite some time, may be years. Furthermore, when one makes a correct guess, it will be far much behind time because that specific application may be overtaken by time.

In a recent move, Google made a big step in ensuring security of its information. This move, which may be described as the biggest of its kind was welcomed by many of its clients. This strategy applied to all the search traffic managed by Google. Part of the key that is usually needed during the process of decoding the information about this traffic is not stored. What this implies is that at any one given time, no one can ever access the key. This is vital in ensuring that this type of information is not accessible for example in case there is a breach of security at Google. (Edward 2011).

It may not be bias to state that Google has outshined other companies in this respect. Yes, other companies have implemented measures that are oriented to this direction, but none has made it to the extent that Google has achieved. To make matters worse, some sites have declined the call to install the feature of forward secrecy in public. They argue that it is more emphasized on the computer than on the website. I would like to disagree on this fact with the highest audacity. I think, it was only that they were unable to address the issue in achieving their objectives. I would justify Google to be the best in this field across the world. To overcome the challenge, they improved the open source, the open SSL library. Furthermore, these changes were incorporated into the library such that anybody could use them.

In ensuring that the information the company collects from its customers is kept a secret, Google has placed several measures. To safeguard the privacy of its clients, Google has implemented strict measures in its privacy policy. As noted earlier, Google encrypts its services using a unique feature called the SSL. (This is different from other service providers). When accessing a Google account, one needs to verify it twice. Personal information is also not accessible to employees or contractors of Google. Severe punishment is directed to such employees who default to secrecy requirements. (Google Inc.). Nobody can deny that Google is a highly secretive company and probably, it is among, if not the most secretive across this universe.

In conclusion, from the above discussion on the success and secrecy of Google Company, the statement that Google is one of the best companies in the world and on the other hand, one of the most secretive companies is justifiable.

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