Grocery Manufacturers of America

Obesity is one of the major health problems that the world is grappling for a solution. The recent report from the U.S healthy department has shown that we are living in a world where 35 plus adults are considered victims of the situation. Furthermore, it’s a severe problem which is depriving adults’ lives more than smoking or aids in the developing nations. Today, the severity of the situation is the United States has been declared as national epidemic attacking adults and children, male and females, old and younger. Evidence has shown that approximately thirteen percent of the U.S children who have not attained the teen age are at risk or are affected by the problem, while three hundred thousand persons lose their life by the attack of this pernicious problem (Katic, 2004).

Despite much effort from different governmental sectors and departmental effort to fund for the campaign in order to mitigate the problem situation, there is no substantial result which has been released. The annual increasing trend has thus called for intervention of the grocery manufacturers in the hope that they would offer better solution to the threatened American population. Their efforts to reduce or halt the tripling of the children obesity after every two decade is entrenched in the practicing healthy lifestyle, which  incorporates daily physical exercise to reduce body weight, taking of balanced diet to generates just enough calories needed by the body. This implies that the millions of the dollars being lost in control and prevention perhaps are due to personal neglect and ignorance(Katic, 2004).

On the hand, the U.S federal control organizations including the grocery manufacturers of America, the FDA’s and the USDA’s food safety and inspection service are among the organization that should be highly blamed for the increasing disease infection in the U.S population. However, the deterioration of the health of many U.S residents is problem that emanates from the FDA’s and the USDA’s food and inspection service failure to performs its inspectoral and control work of the imported food products particularly poultry and poultry products, beef and other kinds of flesh products (DeWaal, 2007).  

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