Gun Propaganda

There have been examples of propaganda regarding the National Rifle Association together with the gun industry they represent. A number of individuals have condemned the National Rifle Association (NSA) by stating that their effort of condemning violence in the movies is a mere pretense, since they exploit images of the guns in those extremely violent movies in order to have a larger sale of the increasingly lethal military-style guns, which in one way or another tend to define our current civilian gun market. These violent activities are evident on a number of occasions in America. For instance, on December 14, 2012, a man by the name of Adam Lanza walked into Sandy Hook Elementary School with guns and killed 20 first graders as well as 6 school employees using a ‘.223 caliber Bushmaster semiautomatic assault rifle’ and then killed himself with a hand gun (Blood Reel Poster 1).

Many people blamed the National Rifle Association for promoting violence. The NRA’s chief executive came forward in a press release and put the matters straight. He put blame on the media, film industry as well as the video games, since they were the ones propagating as well as causing the increase in America’s gun violence problem. A number of accusations had been made from different individuals and companies accusing the NRA of promoting movies which encourages gun violence (Blood Reel Poster 1).

For a decade the NRA has been strongly accused of the use of guns in violent movies. One prime item, which NRA has been linked with for the promotion of gun and violence, has been associated with two series of exhibits occurring in the National Firearms Museum, which is located in the NRA’s national headquarters. The two exhibits featured some of the guns, which were seen to be greatly used in the movies and considered as extremely violent. The NRA responded to their critics by saying that a number of the guns, which are featured in the museum exhibit, came from western as well as the historical dramas. Therefore, the guns are considered to be not as violent as they had been described (Blood Reel Poster 2).

In the year 2010 the NRA organized and announced a new museum exhibit on the ongoing ‘Hollywood Guns exhibit.” Stephen Hunter, a writer, described this exhibit as one of the NRA’s most successful exhibits. This exhibit came after NRA was accused of promoting gun violence by giving support to the extremely violent movies, which had the potential of igniting cruelty in individuals, especially teenagers. Hunter wrote an article for the ‘American Rifleman magazine’ which was considered by the NRA as its mainline publications. This article was further used as a basis of introduction to the official guide of the museum exhibit. This writing came out clearly and offered some documents with the NRA’s hypocrisy especially concerning the matters of violent films (Blood Reel Poster 2).

One of the motives of the NRA in mounting these exhibits was to put aside the bizarre obsession with the guns as seen in the National Firearms Museum, but simply be in a position to have the exploitation of movies popularity in order to have more people coming to the museum and NRA. One of the major targets of the NRA is to be able to attract a number of individuals to visit the firearm museum featuring a permanent collection of almost 2000 guns. This was to make Americans familiar with the guns, consequently counteracting the violent nature of the guns as depicted by the movies (Blood Reel Poster  2).

One of the core aims of the firearm museum is to display the firearms used in the movies. Hollywood movies have been adversely blamed for twisting Americans’ conception of firearms. Bringing gun culture to individuals would change the perception made by the movies, which portray the guns as shooting objects. As a result of this initiative, the NRA shows that it is committed to eradicating violence caused by watching movies and, hence, promotes another perception of the guns. This will be possible in eradicating the violence perception of the guns in that those individuals who will visit the museum will be in a position to learn more about the guns and their intended purposes. This will enlighten the individuals on the usage of guns. In a number of cases guns have been used to shoot individuals in schools as well as while comfortably watching movies in a cinema. (Cohen 1)

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution was adopted back in December 15, 1791 together with a number of Bills of rights. The first ruling by the Supreme Court in respect to the second Amendment was made in 2008, where the court affirmed that the second Amendment protected any individual right of having to possess as well as be able to carry firearms. In the year 2008 and 2010 the Supreme Court issued a direction in regard to the right of possessing a firearm. In this case the court ruled that the Second Amendment protected the right of an individual to be able to own a firearm, the individual should not be connected to any militia service and should only use the fire arm for lawful purposes, such as self-defense at home or within a number of longstanding areas, and, therefore, the individual should only use the fire arm on lawful provision failure to which actions will be taken upon the individual. The amendments have been able to address a number of issues concerning gun propaganda (Cohen 2).

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