High Efficiency, Low Emissions RCCI Combustion by Use of a Fuel Additive

High Efficiency, Low Emissions RCCI Combustion by Use of a Fuel Additive (Splitter Reitz & Hanson 2010) is a research paper done by three researchers on the ways to improve the efficiency of combustion engines by adjusting the combustion agents. The paper focuses on how using additives in fuel especially in dual fuel engines can increase the efficiency of the engines whether in terms of fuel consumption or in performance.

The paper is a result of Derek Splitter, Rolf Reitz, Reed Hanson.Rolf Reitz is a researcher based in the University of Wisconsin, and a PhD hopeful from the same university (expected 2012. He is an expert in diesel and gasoline internal model combustion engines and sprays. He is currently developing computer models to demonstrate efficient fuel injection in both diesel and spark ignited engines. Reed Hansen is also a professor and researcher in the University of Wisconsin with interests in low temperature engine combustions using dual fuels in heavy compression engines. He is involved in engine research and development and is a former research assistant in Minnesota research institute. Derek Splitter is a PhD hopeful (2012) from the Wisconsin University with interests in experimental research on RCCI combustion processes. He is a former researcher with ford motor in the field of advanced engineering and heavy weight calibration.

The study was designed around the hypothesis that the addition of additives in the engine fuels will lead to increased efficiency of the engine both in terms of the fuel usage and in terms of performance. The study was done using experiments with different additives of reactivity enhancement agents and crankshaft. It was able to identify that the combustion power gained from burning low power combustion fuel yielded similar engine power to high combustion direct injection fuel such as gasoline.

Future studies

This study is an important groundwork for future studies to identify how combustion enhancers can be used to improve the performance of engines. The biggest limitation of combustion enhancer additives is the fact that the additive may lead to degradation of the engine. Future studies should address this factor and identify how use of additives without compromising the engine can be achieved.

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