Hospitality Marketing

Marketing of hospitality services, like any other service, varies greatly among different generational gaps. This is because of the preferences that people of various age groups tend to attach to the services and products offered by hospitality institutions such as hotels and resorts. Advertising messages also have a great impact on how people choose on products and services on the market. The same applies to resorts and hotels when it comes to attracting customers.  It is therefore important that each group is accorded the relevant facilities and services insofar as customer satisfaction is concerned. This paper discusses types of facilities, services, and amenities to be offered to Generation X and advertising messages.

Generation X refers to the people born during the time when technology was just taking roots across the world. Computers were being invented and industries blossoming in the manufacture of goods that were customer specific. Hence, generation X’ers are sensitive to fashion and tend to be choosy when it comes to selecting their products and services.

Hotel Facilities, Services and Amenities for Generation X

Having grown up during times of recession and corporate downsizing and developed a more cautious economic outlook, X’ers are very sensitive. Thus, hotel facilities must meet international standards and high quality. The services they offer should vary to accommodate different preferences and tastes, while retaining high quality. Additionally, the services must have an international outlook, while at the same time focusing on local products which are internationally recognized and those which are unique to satisfy the needs of the local people.

Hotel facilities should also be environmentally conscious. This means that the color of the facilities must reflect a certain commitment of the resort to meet the needs of the customers while caring for the environment. Gen X prefers facilities that come in various sizes, therefore the amenities should provide for single and multiple customers at the same time. This is because Gen X can pop in any time with their family. Services offered must be competitive in terms of their quality and prices. This is because Gen X likes doing comparison of services and products before making a purchase. Amenities should be unique to provide an exclusive experience.

Advertising Messages

Unique style, variation, and quality messages are likely to appeal to Gen X. This is because of their tendency to carry out research before deciding on a purchase deal. The media through which these messages are conveyed also impacts the way the message is received.  Because technology plays a crucial role in disseminating advertising messages to Gen X, advertising messages should be channeled through the right medium to enable Gen X an easily access to it.

Gen X will definitely go for substantiated messages packed with facts and evidences. Advertising messages with pictures and testimonials about the resort will definitely attract the Gen X. Finally, brevity is crucial in the advert, the information advertised must be focused and to the point.

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