I Belong to People Who Move

One does not always has control his/her ability in order to be movable or immovable. The ability to do this may depend on our character, temperament and education. People who move are strong, confident and persistent. Movable people are not strong enough to commit any cardinal changes by themselves; they need someone to push them. Immovable people are weak; they are flexible and often conformists.

When describing my characteristics, I belong to people who move. I have never been neither movable nor immovable; I do not like being manipulated. I have my own point of view; I am not a conformist. However, I follow my opinions when I am certain that they are right. If someone can convince me that I am wrong by presenting me with legitimate options, I take their thoughts into great consideration. In my opinion, people who move are more successful, because they are not afraid to change.

I am a determined person, so when I decide to do something no one can stop me. I know what I want out of life and I try to improve and be the best. I observe other people who are professionals in their work fields to get new ideas from them. Therefore, I am not used to standing still. Moreover, I know the value of success. It is not easy to be successful; it is like climbing a high mountain without any help. You continue to climb overcoming all obstacles, falling and getting back even when you have no strength. Moreover, I try not to make the same mistakes of others. I have a yearning desire to know and understand new things. If I have a question, I do my best to get an answer. If I am interested in something, I do research until I feel that I know everything about a particular topic.

Do not get misunderstand me, I am neither selfish nor proud. I do not think I am better than anyone else. It is possible to gain success through hard work and great desire to achieve something. No matter what challenges I have gone through in my life, no matter how many things I have lost, the main thing is to keep moving.

I know my destination, and I want to find the purpose of life by enjoying every moment of it. Life is given to us to be happy and share this happiness with other people. People who move are hard-working, persistent, determined, confident, and strong. I have great endurance, strength, and I am able to overcome life’s problems with fortitude.  People think that success in life is measured by a person’s economic status. I believe that success is measured by how a person handles challenges in life. I realize that I have many values, skills, and abilities, which played an important role and helped to shape the way I am today. In my mind, there are no perfect people. Every person, who moves, is movable or immovable, has his/her good and bad qualities.

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