Actions Taken By the Athletics Director in Implementing the Title IX

The athletics director of the school took a number of actions towards the realization of the requirements of Title IX in high schools and colleges. First, the director decided to introduce female teams in all other male teams that did not have female teams. According to the director, this was a viable option for increasing equality between male and female teams in the institution. Elimination of male teams was not an option to achieve this goal, since most of the male teams were stable, and eliminating them could be a blow to the male athletes.

Secondly, the director also decided to schedule most of the sports fixtures for both teams in venues that were near the school. This was a strategy meant to reduce the cost of financing the newly introduced sports in the school. The strategy worked, considering the fact that most schools do not receive any form of athletic scholarships from the federal government.

The director also proposed a program where the school could provide equal training facilities, financing, coaching, and other athletic resources to both male and female teams in the school.

Impact of the Actions of the Director of Athletics

The introduction of a female team in every sport that did not have a female team increased the number of female athletes in the school by a remarkable margin. At the moment, the number of female athletes has increased by almost 40% in relation to the number 10 years ago. Every single male team in a sport in the school has a constituent female team. This has facilitated the achievement of equality among males and females in athletics within the school.

Secondly, scheduling athletics fixtures near the school has massively helped in saving on costs for the current teams in the school. This has helped in raising money for the creation of other new female sports in the institution.

Provision of equal training, financial and coaching facilities to both female and male teams in the institution helped in increasing the number of female athletes in the school. At the moment, the school provides equal play fields and training facilities for male and female athletes. The provision of equal athlete scholarships to male and female teams in the school has also contributed massively to the increased number of female participants in athletics.

Holding the Same Position

In the event that I was the sports director of the institution, I would concur with most of the proposals of the director. First, it is right to channel equal resources to both male and female teams in the school. This is a requirement, and any other sports director could have taken similar action. However, I would have preferred to introduce sporting activities that require the participation of both male and female athletes. I would then enact a requirement on female and male athletes in the teams, which all coaches will have to maintain, as a policy of the school.

However, cutting on the long trips for students would not be the best solution for the athletes. Athletes prefer and enjoy long distance sporting activities for purposes of exposure. Thus, as the sporting director, I would write to the Board of Directors of the school, requesting them to bear the extra cost of the newly created teams in the school. Funding solutions are always available in the school management has a dedication of making the sporting events happen.

Impact of Moral Reasoning

Moral reasoning demands that a leader considers the tastes and preferences of subjects. For instance, it would not be logical to eliminate long distance sporting events for purposes of cutting on costs. Moral reasoning demands that a leader considers all other viable options to a problem.

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