There is some confusion about which ideas are innovative and the ones that are an imitation of an old idea. People have had varying reactions to innovations in the past. This paper aims at defining the term “innovation” and gauging how society perceives introduction of an innovation.

In general, innovations are supposed to make life easier by simplifying the products or processes. It is also common knowledge that the society resists change. This is because change is associated with alterations in the daily activities of an individual. People often do not give change a chance to see whether it is positive or negative. This attitude applies to most innovative ideas. Most of them have been shunned by the society simply because people did not take time to learn the advantages of the innovation.

Innovation is different from invention or creation. It does not involve the introducing a new idea, rather it is about improving a concept that was already in existence. This, however, should not be confused with duplicating an idea. An innovation has to have features that were not present in the preexisting idea.

This paper will be based on the hypothesis that people resist innovations which they do not have enough information concerning the idea. For instance, a person will not accept to use a newer product if they lack knowledge of the benefits from the change. However, if people have the knowledge, they will embrace innovation.

The questions listed below will facilitate this research. These questions will give an all round view of a person’s opinion on innovation.

I.       Have you come across any innovations lately?

II.      If you were to adapt these innovations, how would they change your life?

III.     Would you describe yourself as a spontaneous person or a routine person?

IV.      Do you think innovation is beneficial to the society?

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