I have investigated vastly on the adaption of different types of flora to their surroundings; such adaptations enhance their survivability. Various species adapt differently to their environment in order to increase their chances of survival. Here (http://www.becominghuman.org/node/news/adaptation) one can find information concerning the adaptation of diverse trees based on their environment.  Since trees cannot change their location, adaptation is their only survival means.  This piece of text reviews the same topic as my classmate does, albeit concerning the adaptation of different species. Trees with a height advantage will suffer during winter because more surface area meets the nippy weather conditions. Individuals do not understand tree adaptations because they do not take their time to study the trees and conditions in which they survive. Coming from a cold environment, I have witnessed different species of flora and fauna adapt to survive under severe conditions. Animals hibernate to conserve their energy, and plants go through acclimation. The photoperiod is the main source of acclimation. I do concur with the writer on the adaptation of various species because it is their means of survival.

Different studies affirm that there is a connection between an individual’s genes and their political affiliation, whether liberals or conservatives. It is possible to tell an individual’s future political affiliation by studying their political backgrounds. Political preference, as observed here http://www.economist.com/node/21564191, is half genetic: an individual’s character traits interlink with their preferences in political parties. The research conducted indicates that there is a connection between political affiliation and genetic makeup, a theory that my classmate had put forth. This school of thought is a misconception because one’s political affiliation ought to be their choice. The environment is the factor most likely to influence their decision rather than their genes. There is no proven evidence that indicates a direct connection between genes and choices. For example, I am more structured and conscientious, usually having a preference for order. I will tend to the conservative parties. Creative, dynamic and more social individuals will be liberal. To some extent, I agree with the writer about genes being partly responsible for an individual’s choice in a political party. One’s surroundings and environment influence the choices they make in life.

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