Job Acceptance Speech

It gives me pleasure to express my satisfaction and immense enthusiasm of joining your company Google Inc. Since I joined Baker College, five years ago for a Bachelors degree in Software Engineering, I had nurtured a dream that became a reality two weeks ago when I received my appointment to work for this great organization as a software Engineer. My knowledge, passion, skills and competences gained so far in the field of software research will be a formidable asset for this great organization.

One of the key strengths of Google is the ability to attract and reach vast markets. The company is highly innovative and entrepreneurial with unique marketing strategies. Through its culture of creativity, the company continues to offer to the market highly innovative products such as directory and images. In addition, Google has a varied customer base, which ranges from young to old people. Ideally, anyone using the internet is a potential market for the company. Moreover, the company is not biased towards advertisers, and it separates advertisement from actual results.

I developed an interest in working with Google because of its search engine which uses a highly sophisticated technology. The company has a perfect search engine, which is capable of displaying the exact content of the search within seconds. Its software conducts a series of instantaneous calculated fast than traditional search engines. The used technology offers localized search known as "search" by location, which displays information on vendors of the products and services. In addition, the website attracts approximately 61.9% of all internet searches. Currently, Google offers a variety of products, which include but not limited to Chrome, Earth, and Gmail, Google, Google Maps, Google Gadgets, Google Mobilize, Google calendar and Stetch up.

I was impressed by the financial progress of the company which reveals that the company’s revenue, income and equity had been increasing over the past years. This implies that the company is capable of doing better than the past despite the many challenges it faces. The company has strong revenue and capital base streams. Over the last 10 years, the company has accumulated a total capital of £105 billion.

Despite the significant success achieved so far, this company has some challenges that I have noted. Google Inc. is subject to a number of threats like Yahoo, Bing etc., which may adversely affect its operations.  For example, Google in some measure relies on portals like AOL. If those contracts are terminated, the company’s revenue will adversely be affected. Another threat results from the nature of the industry which has no restrictions to entry of new players into the market. Thus, it is a massive threat that, in the future, new entrant with the same or better interface may enter the industry. This will dilute the company’s market share and revenue. This is why I have joined your company to work with likeminded engineers to ensure that the company remains on top. I am looking forward to a better working experience with Google Inc.

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