Latinos or Hispanic Americans

Latinos are of the Latin American origin, which makes the group be considered Hispanic Americans. Hispanic American group possesses individuals with differing national and ethnic backgrounds. The Mexicans who comprises 66.9 percent are the largest component of Latino population with Puerto Rican and Cubans following with 8.6 and 3.7 percent (Bergad & Klein, 2010). The historical development of Latinos is approximately 500 years with the process having considerable influence from colonialism. Estimates indicate that North America together with South America before European colonization was comprised of 90 million or more Native Americans, with the largest number being in South America and Caribbean Islands (Ochoa & Smith, 2009). The Spanish settled in the Caribbean in the years 1495 and their intermingling with the Native Americans yielded the Latinos.  The termination of the Mexican-American warfare also saw the absorption of large Mexican population in the United States.

Moreover, the later stages of the 19th Century delivered small but balanced flow of migrants who emanated from Hispanic Caribbean. The Hispanic Caribbean migrants inhabited New York together with Florida, which became a source of the most diverse and second largest group within the US. Florida was regarded as St. Augustine, which served as one of the major places that are important to the development of Latinos as most migrants settled in the region and intermingled with Spanish colonizers, bearing a group of Latinos or Hispanic Americans (Ochoa & Smith, 2009).  Cubans, Puerto Ricans and Mexicans entered into the US for various reasons including seeking political exiles and search for positions within the cigar industries that were established in Florida (Bergad & Klein, 2010). The settlement of Latin Americans together with Caribbean migrants spread evenly from 1980 to-date within the US. Majority of the Latinos emanate from earlier Mexican descendants from Southwest who purchased lands during the Mexican-American war (Bergad & Klein, 2010). Currently, people who have descendants within Mexico and the neighboring regions are considered Latinos.

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