Male and Female towards Love

Men have always been viewed as romantic people and women are likely to fall into the trappings of the romantic love given by the men. On the other hand, most women need to feel close to the men emotionally before they turn to be sexual. However most of the men always assume that sex is equal to emotional closeness. Women often like attention, support and being listened to and this is what makes them to fall in love. On the other hand, men fall in love because of the initial sexual attraction. This can often be explained by the gender roles and gender stereotypes which often define the right courtship behavior for women and men (Warren 2001, 200).

The evolutionary theory in the process of love indicates that all the gender differences in the romantic attraction came about due to the different requirements for the genetic survival which dictates the various criteria for their selection in both the sexes. There is the social construction theory which explains why the two genders behave the way that they do. From their past experiences and learning from their backgrounds and culture, both sexes are differently oriented and hence the different behaviors (Norman and Ellen 2000, 65)

Men are known to fear commitment in love. This could be caused by lack of confidence in the ladies that they are interested in. Men fear losing their spouses and therefore fear committing themselves into the relationship because they do not want to lose at some point. There is also the explanation that men are always looking for something better. No matter how much they love their spouses, they are afraid to give in to commitment because they always fear that they would be missing out on something better. Men also want to retain their freedom and also keep their personal space and others it is because of the fear of the unknown that they don’t know what would happen in the future (Warren 2001, 74).

Intimacy between two adults and also between all persons is very important and leads to better understanding of the people that are involved. However men look at intimacy as the intimate relationship that would lead to sex but women view intimacy as the loving relationship full of love, care and commitment and also that it should be a healthy relationship (Benokraitis 2004, 144). Intimacy should also be between those people who have marriage intentions according to most women (Norman and Ellen 2000, 45)

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