Management Case Study


Serge can be described as a self-reliant person, because he believes in his own capabilities in order to achieve goals. He possesses a rich experience and brilliantly uses his keen intellect in different situations.  Serge comes from Switzerland and that is why he is well acquainted with its language and culture. Serge can be described as person with high extraversion, because he is quite open-minded and always takes any task without questions and gladly shares his point of view. He is outgoing, talkative and very sociable.  However, Serge seems hard to convince, because he ignores Anna’s notion regarding the difference of culture, and his selfishness is seen when he declares his idea the best and worth praises from the management.


Elizabeth is a character who readily agrees on anything as long as the idea comes from someone she trusts. Her obedience is shown when she puts no fight and agrees on Serge’s suggestion. However, this quality is not accorded with the other members of the team. The high level of leniency shown by Elizabeth towards people she trusts can lead to development of a low self-esteem. Such a feature is considered as a weakness, because it can prevent her from questioning wrong suggestions. She is likely to trust other people’s opinion rather than express her own.


Anna can be described as a person with high conscientiousness. She is organized, hardworking and shows a lot of persistence. Anna is independent in her thinking for she speaks out her thoughts rather than agree with Serge’s selfish commands. Her self-control level is tremendous because she opts to calm down when Serge criticizes her point. Anna prefers doing her research individually and discussing it later with the team, which shows her introversion.


She is hard to come to a consensus with, because she portrays a weird attitude and acts differently in the group. Cayce blindly trusts bosses and believes that they are always right and know best. She shows neuroticism, trying to argue with team members rather than bring out her own ideas. The halo effect influences Cayce’s behavior negatively and makes her take approaches that differ from those of the other team members. The fact that she with no doubt trusts her bosses shows that she can form an impression about an object and uses that impression towards the object in question. 

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