Mental Laborers and Physical Laborers

Most people spend their leisure time discussing issues about their jobs and, more often, complaining of unfair treatments at work places. For instance, operating workers argue that they do more physical work than technicians yet they earn less. Equally, technicians argue that they do more work since they apply much mental efforts. However, in my opinion, the two groups of workers have some similarities as well as differences.

Comparison of Mental Laborers and Physical Laborers

Operating workers put into work the ideas from technicians in order to manufacture products while, at the same time, mental laborers create new techniques to make hand working more convenient and efficient. Unfortunately, some people regard physical work as dirty and lacking technological application. However, even though some hand workers have low level of education, it does not mean they are incompetent in their jobs. Hand laborers are needed to do jobs such as cleaning streets and buildings. Some people think that mental laborers have huge salaries simply drinking coffee in their offices. On the contrary, mental laborers use their theoretical skills to promote technology leading to skills that have, for example, enabled men to walk on the moon.

In addition, both laborers create different values even if they work in the same area since while products of hand laborers can be put into immediate use, the mental laborers come up with ideas of potential value. Equally, mental and physical work goes hand in hand. For instance, a man who deals with computer information must do both physical and mental work. He has to calculate the data and then type it into the computer. However, hand laborers use physical strength and feel tired after work ,while mental laborers require little energy since they often sit.


In conclusion, it is not good to judge people based on their working areas. Both laborers use their abilities to earn money and support their families. They also help balance the society. I believe, a good job is not the one where the person uses the head or hand, but it is a field in which one can put his best capability into practice.

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