My Dream

My name is Mahshid Jami and I am female aged 24 years.  I hail from a small family with only two sisters whom I adore very much. I also admire my parents as they have inspired to much extent my life and my dreams.

I have always believed that contentment can only be achieved when one has fulfilled their responsibilities in life. Everyone has two principle responsibilities; responsibility to oneself and responsibility to humanity. I had not always dreamed of becoming a dental surgeon although I had always wanted to become a doctor. My major motivation in wanting to become a doctor is the fact that I believe that life is so precious and that no individual should spend their lives in pain or lose their lives to a disease that could be prevented. I got fascinated with dental surgery after my sister had a toothache and seeing the anguish and discomfort it caused her and how helpless everybody in the family had been including me, I decided there and then that never again would I watch helplessly as a person with a tooth condition suffer as I watched.

In life I have faced challenges and successes and one important aspect that I learnt in the process is that it is better to learn from other people’s experiences when it comes to failures. For instance when I was young I realized from an early age that I was not good at numbers in general and that mathematics was a challenge for me. My only escape from my parent’s scorn and reprimand was to have my friend do for me my homework. However, it was not long till my teacher realized that I was cheating and the punishment I got was very severe compounded by the fact that I had lost the trust of my teacher and my parents. I always wished that I had met a person or read about someone else’ experience and perhaps I would have escaped the humiliating experience. I have since taken upon myself to read a lot and listen to people especially older and successful people.

In my quest for knowledge that I realized that knowledge can be obtained even in the most unexpected places. During my first year in college in a bid to fit in, I had quickly joined the Model United Nations Club after one of the officials became friendly to me. However it became my opportunity to learn about various issues affecting the world as we discussed some of the most current affairs globally such as global warming, terrorism and diseases. The Model United Nations Club became my major motivation to join other clubs and most importantly contest for leadership positions. In a bid to have a positive impact at our level, together with other students we pioneered a movement that sought to provide the link between good role models in the community and students. Currently the school has a running mentorship programme that was created from the movement. I was also able to develop my leadership skills when I was successfully elected the Volleyball captain in my school for two years in a row.

During high school I realized from the experiences of some of my schoolmates that one of the most rampant challenges facing high school students was bad peer pressure, lack or role models and lack of proper motivation and direction. I believe that these challenges can be overcome by establishing mentoring programmes for all students that should be done by professionals around the community where the school is situated.

My dream is not just to become a dental surgeon but to carry out all the responsibilities given to me with the utmost respect for human life and dignity.

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