My Life


Being a Taiwanese, I moved to the United States when I was a sixth grader and I consider myself lucky because I was able to adjust quickly to the new life given the fact that I was young. I was able to fit in the educational system in the United States and I did not have difficulties with establishing the foundation of my career in Computer Science and Engineering. During my high school years, I was able to excel in most of my subjects especially mathematics and sciences. Therefore, no obstacles prevented me from enrolling in a college where I believe I laid a foundation that marked the beginning of my life as a professional Computer Science Engineer.

Middle Life

One of the attributes that I possess which I believe has molded me to be the person that I have turned out to be is my determination to find answers through research. Being a highly logical and rational person, I am able to stick with an assigned problem while keeping a clear head until I achieve the desired results. I have strong analytical skills that have always been of great help whenever I try to find answers and solutions to problems that I inevitably encounter in the course of my studies. My determination to solve and analyze problems has molded me to be a hardworking person who is committed at completing assigned tasks.

I proved my analytical skills from a very early stage in my life when I was first faced with the challenge of solving a 5x5 rubiks cube without anybodies intervention. It looked so simple and I wondered why the other children were unable to solve it. But as when I tried my hands on it, I quickly discovered that it was not as easy as I had previously thought. However, instead of quitting in frustration like my friends, I decided to take more time at it until I knew the best way to solve the cube.

Life lessons

Armed with a pen, a piece of paper and my rubiks cube retreated to a quiet spot and worked it through patiently. I studied the cube and wrote down some possible solutions. I then went ahead and tried them remembering to note down the ones that hadn’t worked so as not to repeat them. Even though it took me a very long time to figure it out, I finally had it solved. It was my determination to solve and analyze problems that made it possible for me to seat so long and work my way to the solution so patiently.

I believe that the fact that I am a highly logical and rational person coupled with the great determination that I usually have to solve and analyze problems will give me the required head start in my computer engineering study and subsequent career. I believe that this institution will provide me with practical exposure in Computer Science and Engineering applications through the inter-disciplinary curriculum which has encompassed workshops, regular practical work in the computer laboratories including the extensive studying of technical literature which will constitute part of my coursework.

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