My Projects

I have designed two items out of inspiration from rain and a bridge. The first item that I designed is storage for entrance door whose material is plexi glass. It is in such a way that high heels hang from the top layers of the plexi glass while newspapers and magazines hang from the inside storage. It can also be used for an umbrella stand. The concept of an umbrella is centered on the idea of rain. I went for various blue colors for the internal decoration as I was inspired by rain. The blue colors came in to effect for the fact that rain comes from the sky which is bluish at times. Secondly, pool water is also blue in color.

The surface is made of a rice paper. The choice of a rice paper is due to the fact that it has many different kinds of textures on it as well as patterns which will enhance its appearance. I took three such papers and stuck them together, one on top of the other to form three layers.

For the second project, I designed a side table in the form of a vessel. The shape of the vessel is trapezoid and it mimics the same shape of the table top. The bottom of the vessel is saw-toothed and it can fit in to a grill support top. For this project, I was mainly inspired by a bridge hence the grill runs through as it goes down to the legs. This mimics the strong support that a bridge relies on. Through these specific decisions, I was able to convey my feelings after being inspired by rain and a bridge. It is my hope that the two items shall convey the feelings that I intend them to convey.

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