Next Generation Passengers

The next generation of passengers will be distinguished from the present generation probably by their attitude, perspective and expectations. All those who will succeed this generation will be more advanced technologically and their demand from the airport will be met through the new technology. The passengers might demand specialized medical care to cater for emergencies in the airport. The medical personnel must be qualified and experienced. An effective communication system should also be present to allow vital information to be disseminated on time (Barry, 1999)

Airport for the next generation should be equipped with sufficient fire fighting equipment. The personnel in this department must be well trained as their skills will be vital in saving lives in the event of fire outbreak or aircraft accidents. (Barry, 1999)

The heavy traffic of passengers of the next generation will call for intensive security services at the airports. The police in charge of security will be using very sensitive detectors for detecting weapons. This will ensure the safety of the passengers and prevent potential attackers from attacking the airports. (Monte, 2001)

The next generation of passengers will not do without internet services wherever they will go. They might therefore demand free internet services at the airports. This will enable them to connect with their relatives and friends through emails and use of social networks such as face book and twitter. (Airport Admin Utility, 2007)

The current technology will allow the next generation of passengers to consolidate a lot of information in small portable devices. Instead of carrying so many travel documents, passengers might demand this information to be installed in their mobile phones. The list of the demands of the next generation passengers can not be exhausted as it will be dependent on changes in technology.

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