Environment was the most focused issue by the media in the 1970’s. There was sewage, farm and factories discharge to the ocean which killed birds and fish. Today many radical changes to the political climate have occurred. This has led to rise in environmental groups advocating for protection of the mother-Earth against pollution. According to the article nightmare in green, man is seen as the overall course for all environmental problems. There are issues such as going back to the medieval times or even reduction of the population of humans into levels of prehistory as part of the solution.

During the earth summit in Rio de Janeiro back in 1992 which was attended by UN NGO’s and representatives from 178 nations discussed about UNCED. Gro Harlem Brundtl the president of the summit admitted that the agenda of the summit was based on its true platform. US has been criticised by the environmental groups over its exploitation on the third world countries. Various methods and techniques to punish environmental criminals was discussed. There was passing of earth chatter and agenda 21 which aimed in transferring wealth from United States citizens to the third world countries.

Passing of the summits agenda has been left for the UN to implement. So far there are 300 treaties passed of which, most of these have been ratified by the United States. These treaties have effects on almost every aspect of human beings life with the inclusion of bans conducted by the UN. These treaties puts ban on human’s access to protected areas. Such treaties include the world heritage treaty. Examples of areas affected by these bans are logging, mining, farming etc.The global biological assessments aims at relocation of all citizens living in the reserves in the process of protecting these prohibited areas.

For a sustainable development many countries are focusing on biodiversity treaty as the laws of the land. People like Willie brown were advocating for elimination of all trucks and cars and subjecting all human trips in America’s cities on public transit. This is the use of foot or bicycles. All these were being done with the aim of maintaining sustainability. Many biodiversity councils have been created in the aim of preserving the nature.

In the process of fighting back, mounting resistance is an evident bill to curtail overregulation and laws giving strength in property rights in 40 states have been created. Giving power to the environmental movements is well organised. It’s seen that a call for Americans giving up their properties in the name of socialism is opposed. At the same time when these movements call upon Americans, they instead gain this time to give out their property in the name of saving earth are applauded. Once the environmental dimension becomes clear to the Americans they are rejected and going for sanity is advocated. Favourable, safe and conducive environment can be achieved only when environmental authoritarian is shunned.

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