Organizational Paradigms Responses

Paradigms influence perspectives of everyone’s perceptions of the world. A paradigm can be demarcated as a set of assumptions that stipulate how we operate. What happens when assumptions that we make do not correlate with experiences we have had? In such a situation, we find ourselves in a paradigm vacuum; this situation leaves us in a dilemma of not knowing what we should believe or not knowing what to embrace in its place. This essay explores different ideas presented, from the analysis presented below; they should understand that employee research is of considerable importance both to the employing organisations and for the good of themselves. (Schultz & Hatch, 1996)

Organizational study on the employee is a crucial element that the organisations should conduct to monitor and recognize the employee working trends and preferences. I disagree with this student opposing employee research in its organization. The student should understand that the management should carry routine investigations on the employees to be able to understand the employee change pattern. By doing so, they will identify any changes that might have impacts on the employee, whether positive or negative, then from the hypothesis formulated they may formulate policies that will help enhance employee behaviour and help motivate employee morale and productivity.

I agree with this notion that the student claims that affordable rental housing does not invite crime within the community. This trend has not been accepted in the society, and the theory lacks evidence to support the idea. A matter of fact developing affordable houses in the society reduces crime rates in the community because people would not try to steal to gain the money to finance the high prices of renting or acquiring an apartment. In fact,  Public housing projects should be encouraged to reduce the levels of crimes in the society and provide job opportunities to residents.

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