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Dear Sir or Madam:

Thank you for taking your time to consider my submission for enrollment into your master’s degree program. My name is Mohamed Salem and I am from Bahrain. I graduated several years ago with a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering “Communication and Electro Physics". Since I got my bachelor’s degree, I have been working, responsible of all matters concerning the training battalion in preparation for the sessions to internal and external courses for staff. Part of my job is to develop the annual training plan and training courses for the battalion. I also carry out administrative responsibilities for battalion preparing for the practical exercises.

My degree emphasis was on communication and electro physics. Electro physics deals with optics, detectors, microwaves, lasers, particle beams, magnetism and electromagnetic. Electro physicists work together with communication experts to produce devices that are applicable in modern world communication. Since graduating, I have worked for various small to large firms as well as for myself; chiefly as a communication engineer. I have also worked as an engineering consultant in areas of electrical engineering.

There are various reasons why I want to go back to school to pursue the master’s degree. First, I believe that scientists have ideas that are implemented by engineers. Studying a master’s degree in electrical engineering will adequately equip me with both the attributes of a scientist and an engineer. Electro physics is a chief part of this thought as experts in this area of come up with ideas that appear from fundamental physics. Master’s degree in electrical engineering will help me develop the ideas into practical reality. Communication and electro physics stands for the interface between physics, electrical and computer engineering. The field is very significant in the modern world and the products of electro physics eventually fit into other fields of electrical and computer engineering. These areas include communication and signal processing, microelectronics, and control engineering. To develop a complex system applicable in real life situations, electro physics is an indispensable constituent to bring concepts together with the fundamentals of physics and systems engineering.

For sometimes, I have started to get an interest in research and development. I am also interested in carrying out large scale projects in electrical engineering. To make a change in my life, I need to increase my studies to increase my diversity in reasoning. I also know that my biggest career satisfaction frequently come from my responsibilities as an adviser to subordinate staff in my area of specialization. To be able to tackle the challenges and new developments in my field also calls for advanced learning. Those among many are the reasons why I want to go back to school to pursue a master’s degree.

The revitalization of my enthusiasm for electrical engineering has led me to evaluate what choices are out there for me while at the same time putting stress on spreading of knowledge. I have been able to review many diverse programs at various institutions and I have spoken with different professors and professionals in electrical engineering. The assessment has ultimately led me to choose the master’s degree course in the United States. The program is one of the leading and prestigious programs in the US and this has supported my choice.

Master's degree in electrical engineering will offer me with strong fundamentals in theory, to equip me with the knowledge indispensable to grasp and build up new technologies. The program will aid me in keeping updated with the current trends in the field of electrical engineering. The United States News and World Report ranks it among the Top fifty electrical engineering programs in the world. The program will prepare me to make a significant involvement to the workplace and become a leader in the industry.

There are various possible paths I could pursue with this particular master’s degree. I could pursue computer engineering, power engineering, controls, and robotics, signal processing, telecommunications engineering, solid state physics and electronics. After the program I expect to make an enormous contribution in this area. I believe this master’s degree will enable me to understand more wholly the issues surrounding the field of electrical engineering today. I also anticipate the master’s degree to prepare me to pursue a PhD degree.  The program will help me get deeply into the educational sphere without forgetting the technical experience of the field. It will also bridge the gap between my technical background and my educational field.  It will also offer me with a vast range of paths in pursuing my PhD.

Even though I studied communication and electro physics I have only laid a tentative groundwork for undertaking an attractive research in electrical engineering. The knowledge that I have is far from reaching a comparatively entire solution to the modern challenges in my field. I therefore conclude that I have to seek further advanced studies in the field of electrical and electronic engineering.  This will enable me to make significant achievements in the future around the world. Based on this acknowledgment and in outlook of the comparatively backward circumstances of Bahrain in this field, I am determined to pursue further studies in the US. My aspiration is that my advanced studies would reinforce me in terms of the higher knowledge in electrical engineering. By putting together the fundamental knowledge and the research experience that I have acquired in the area of communication and electro physics and the experience I have gained in the field, I believe I can make a significant contribution in this field. Since my early days as a child, I have always possessed a passion for electronics. While pursuing my bachelor’s degree, I dug into the area of communication and electro physics and I was fascinated with an insatiable obsession to further my studies. My bachelor’s degree program provided a vast knowledge in areas such as control systems engineering, digital and analogue signal processing; satellite communication, Very large scale integration design and circuits, micro processor and its application. I was very hard working and this enabled me to spend a lot of time in the laboratory carrying out experiments. At this moment, I realized I had a passion for research and advanced education in electrical engineering.

I am very dedicated, result oriented and hardworking. In my work, I have earned many shields, medals and letters of thanks all showing my dedication in my course. I believe the future of communication relies on advanced study of electrical engineering. This is the reason I want to widen my knowledge in this field and to achieve this goal I need to study in an esteemed institution in the United States with up to date facilities. I look forward to having an opportunity to prove my determination and worth in your institution.

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