Physical Exercise

Different learning domains influence on people’s lives variously, and mine is no different. The domains introduce three topics in class focus, which are exercise science, physical education and sports objectives. These objectives help an individual to stay more focused towards their health, and to lead the better lives. Exercise not only stimulates the body but also acts as a means of improving one’s mental health (Bird, Smith and James 5). They influence an individual’s career choice because of the positive impact they make in their lives. One looks better and consequently feels better. The mind is powerful too; one that fuels the actions of the body; hence it is necessary to exercise it. Having pet dogs, I have to run about and play with them regularly (Spalding and Kelly 3). Physical exercise prepared me for such adventure. Having studied sports science, I would like to augment my education and obtain an associate degree. Exercise does improve an individual’s mind and increases their cognitive functions. My learning experience has influenced the library I keep. Currently, I am reading Lumpkin Angela’s ‘Physical Education, Exercise Science and Sports Studies’. It is an addition to the library of sport science books I have and has influenced my life extensively. After the domains of learning, I have more positive attitude towards exercise. To improve my health, as well as my physique, I frequently exercise and extensively research the manner in which I can enhance my exercise regime and routine. Learning sports science is intuitive; hence there is the desire to attain an associate degree. Any leisure time I have, I spend it reading books about exercise and sports science, as well as exercising and playing with my pets. Physical education is intriguing; I would have no qualms training another individual on the best exercise regimen to improve their livelihood and feel better about them. The courses I pursue, one that I am planning to improve on by getting higher credentials, influence my career choice vastly. I would like to pursue a career directly linked with sports science and management.

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