Program Planner

The program planner will be very critical for the success of health activities in our state owned public hospital. The job descriptions of this position can best be looked at in terms of the scope of work which includes among others providing immense assistance to the three departments of health and human resource services, public health department, and lastly the department of hospital statistics. Specifically, the program planner will play three fundamental duties of developing; implementing and analyzing the generated data from various departments in order to allow the hospital make sound and logical decisions about its progress and failures (Burnett and Motowidlo, 1998).

Due to the complexity and intensity of the descriptions above, the candidate for this position must have attained at least a master degree from a credible and recognized university in either epidemiology or biostatistics with at least ten years experience in conducting design, generation and analysis of health data. Besides, the candidate must have sound and up to date knowledge of computer use especially in Microsoft applications such as spreadsheet, and excel. He must also be well versed in using statistical packages such as SPSS, Eviews and STATA (Burnett and Motowidlo, 1998).

Mode of Advertising

The modes of advertising to be employed for this position of program planner will generally be two. These are the print media especially the daily newspapers, and the hospital website and internet search engines. The rationale for choosing the print media is due to the fact that many people in the United States at least by statistics still rely on them as an avenue for getting daily information. Also, the print newspapers are relatively cheaper and can be afforded by majority of the population. The hospital’s website serves as the original author of the vacancy and any interested candidate can look for further details about the position by visiting the hospital’s website. Internet job search has become one of the single most avenues for advertising owing to the large number of people using it. Due to this large number, we hope that the information about the vacancy will reach a larger audience (Huffcutt, 2011).

Interviewing Approaches

In terms of interviewing approaches, we will generally employ the two normal approaches of screening which specifically is meant to qualify the candidates based on the set requirements and will be done before the candidates actually get the opportunity to meet the recruiting personnel. The second approach will be the obvious hiring or selection interview where the candidates gets the chance to meet the hiring panel and answer the questions that will be directed (Huffcutt, 2011).  

Rules and regulations

One of the fundamental rules that will be used throughout this hiring process is related to that of canvassing. Our major aim as the hiring team is to ensure that the hospital gets the best of the candidates for the job and canvassing is a serious threat for this whole process. Therefore, any form of canvassing will automatically lead to disqualification of the candidate and the sacking or the retrenchment of the other confidant if he or she is employed by the hospital.     

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