Project-Wide or Objective-Oriented Evaluations


Project evaluation is the use of collected and analyzed symmetric data to assess the extent of achievement of set goals or objectives of a project (Barry & Beaton, 1994). The primary aim of evolution is to determine if funds pumped in to the projects by stakeholders are being put into good use, or if they are being used to achieve the intended goals and objectives. Therefore, an evaluator owes it to the stakeholders to answer this question of accountability. Depending on the size and importance of the respective projects, evaluation can be done either based on the entire project, or based on the objectives of the project (Barry & Beaton, 1994).

Case Scenario

To provide a relevant rationale of using one form of evaluation over the other, this paper will consider the case scenario of Continental Senior Center. This agency, located in the city of Westminster, involve older people in community work, as well as leadership rolls in the senior centers. Continental Senior Center is, therefore, a model for the aging and the aged as it provided them with the opportunity to make a difference I the society, in their later days (Barry & Beaton, 1994).

The agency serves a community that is over 200 years old and is largely made up of elders over the age of 60 years. Approximately half the population of these elders in Westminster survives on poverty-level income. However, thanks to the project by Continental Senior Center, building of new homes has attracted younger families in the area over the past 5 year, and the community is expanding. This project is funded by the Wesley Foundation, which often supports multi-issue community groups that work in low-income areas.


Therefore, to evaluate the success or failure of this project effectively, it is advisable that the evaluator uses a project-wide approach. This is because project-wide evaluation will be able to incorporate the multiple issues that this project intends to address (Barry & Beaton, 1994). This is in contrast to objective-evaluation, which is best used in projects that are geared towards handling a single issue in the community but with various objectives (Barry & Beaton, 1994).  

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