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This job description paper seeks to outline specific requirements for the positions of public relations officers and the selection methods that would be used. It gives more information on the tasks that the officers are expected to undertake, the required tools and technology and knowledge of the potential candidates. The paper also seeks to establish the skills, abilities, and educational achievements of the applicants. Finally, it outlines the methods that would be used to select the most suitable candidate as well as the advantages of each method. A public relations officers link the organization with the outside world; and therefore they should be conversant with modern communication technologies, should possess exquisite skills and grades and thus should be selected on the basis of their cognitive abilities and personality.


The public relations officer will be expected to develop and execute public relations policies and strategies of the organization. He or she will either be the spokesperson or liaise with other spokespersons to communicate the right messages (Iman, 2002). The officer is responsible for organizing events that would seek to promote the image of the organization including exhibitions, open days, press conferences as well as online communications.

Tools and Technology

In order to achieve these tasks, the officer will be required to make use of the various computer-based tools and technologies. These include internet-based technologies and tools such as blogs, Really Simple Syndication (RSS), search engines and online databases, Google alerts and other Desktop applications such as Tweet Deck. Social media will be another important tool that would help in reaching out to people or clients.


Following the technologies that have to be used, the candidate ought to possess knowledge in database management, basis information and communication technology, knowledge in social media marketing, communications, planning and a bit of management. Knowledge in database management will be helpful in dissemination of the right information or data in a secure manner that would not jeopardize the data security of the organization.

Skills and Abilities

The candidate should be proficient in language use and effective communication. This is necessary because the officer will be representing the image of the organization. He or she should be very organized and able to think strategically. In addition, this person should be able to think on-the-spot. The manager should be able to effectively manage and solve crises as they occur. The candidate should be an excellent researcher and writer; sound in thought and precise in action. The person should think on better and efficient ways of reaching out. His or her innovation should be centered on the ability do massive work in a short period of time and in a perfect manner. Outgoing personality is also required. The officer should be a person of sane judgment, full of self-esteem and confidence and a person of initiative.

Educational Requirements

The officer should be holder of degree in communications, advertising, marketing, journalism or other related fields. Holding an excellent grade would be an added advantage. This would also be juxtaposed with adequate experience, at least six months.

Selection Methods

There are many methods of job selection. These include, for instance, interviewing, application forms, assessment centers, selection tests among others. However, they have differential advantages. In this case, the recruiters will use methods that are able to determine the likely performance of the candidates while actually at work. According to Cook (2009), interviews have become unpopular since they are not effective in predicting one’s performance at work. Therefore, the selection will be done using aptitude or abilities test followed by personality test. Aptitude tests are essential in establishing the core abilities of the person and the extent of knowledge of the subject matter. Therefore, they are advantageous because the recruiters are able to link performance of the test with the expected performance at work. On the other hand, personality test was proffered because of the nature of the position. According to Marchington and Wilkinson (2005), the best communicators are those that are emotionally stable. Therefore, it is crucial to perform such a test on an aspiring public relations officer to assess his or her temperament.


The position of a public relations officer is a very central one for any organizations. This is because such a person represents the image of the organizations. This essay has succeeded in demonstrating the specific requirements of such a person. A public relations officer is responsible for developing and implementing strategies that would put the company at an advantageous position in the context of public eye. Since modern organizations use computers for most of their work, a public relations officer must be very conversant with online platforms, technologies and tools such as blogs and social media. Although knowledge in database management is important, the candidate must possess other capabilities such as extensive research, persuasive writing, effective communication, crisis management among others. He or she must possess a degree communications or related subjects. Following the centrality of the position to the organization, the abilities and temperaments of the candidates must be tested through aptitude and personality tests respectively. A public relations officer position requires a person of balanced temper, high achievements and innovation.

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