Reflections on Managing Business Relationships

“This will prove to be extremely challenging,” I thought.  This thought came to my mind just after I learnt that I was going to be working with my colleagues in a group on the Management of Business Relationships. Despite my passion and interest for law, management and social science, I could still find myself thinking of what actually laid ahead of me. However, as we started working as a group, the effects of working as a team transformed my attitudes towards team work as well as equipping me with vast skills and knowledge necessary for any future group activity.

It was during the last semester, we had a group activity where I was able to work with my fellow colleagues in our reading review test. This test came just after we had finished our individual review test which I did complete and handed it in time. As we held meeting as a group and started working on the work, I started to realize that indeed there was more to benefit from working in a group, especially one like we had. In this group, our dialogue and communication was all filled up with intuitive remarks and feedback from each and every member. In the end, I was able to get good results than when I worked alone, a result of sharing opinions and learning from one another.

“I tend to think that…, “was one of my first statements in the group discussion that we had as a team. Being that the kernel of our group works was centered on discussion, I did my best to listen first and think what had been mentioned before reacting to it. This gave me an opportunity to make sound responses, which became a vital ingredient for our success. However, it came to my realization that by English not being my first language, I failed to listen to some member who passed their response with haste. Nevertheless, after a number of requests, I was able to make my colleagues talk without much haste.

With much success in the group work, I realized that my previous knowledge in theories of culture, communication and leadership did count by shaping my contribution to the entire team. With good understanding of how culture is vital, I was able to work with members who had diverse culture by being able to accommodate their views and mannerism. At the same time, skills learnt from leadership theories allowed me to lead in the discussion and provide for positive reinforce an element that made one of the quiet members to open up as well as making the others to contribute their best. Furthermore, my understanding of what a good communication entails gave me the opportunity to articulate my arguments clearly with more precision as well as providing feedback to the responses of the other members. Indeed, this was helpful in managing the whole group as an able team.

Given an opportunity to join our team, one would not fail to realize what a team leader we had. With good skills in leadership, it was not difficult for him to direct and control our discussion. One in a while, he would offer praise to well-argued statement or a times encourage another member to speak up. His use of words while communicating ensured that the discussion head meaning and was focused and goal oriented.

At the break of the team work, it was such a relief to learn that much could be dome to ensure the success of such group discussion in the future. I did learn that it was expedient to carry extensive research in order to present strong arguments. On the other hand, the use of slide show could also facilitate the presentation of our work and sharing on ideas. Furthermore, the use of scientific thinking will indeed bring success.

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