Role of Women

Women have positive roles to play in the community. They are not just dangerous and enticing. Women have a role of being faithful, patient and loyal to their husbands. A good example is Penelope who is the wife to Odysseus and she is kept away from home for almost twenty years by war. She is besieged and followed by so many other men suitors but she plays tricks on them. She remains faithful to her husband which is a role of a woman in a hero’s life. At the end we find that they are reunited and live happily ever after (Gygan 2006).

A woman has the role of protecting, nurturing and looking after her family, her friends and every person who comes their way in their lives. A good example is Ino, a goddess who swept down her veil and gave it to Odysseus to protect him from any harm or danger in the water. He swam for two days and then reached the land safely. Anticlea, the mother to Ulysees could not exist without having her son and died after waiting for him for so many years. Penelope also has played these roles quite well (Sophocles 2009).

A woman has the role of loving, being kind and being good to everyone. After Odysseus had reached the land, he was filthy, naked and slept on the floor. Nausicaa who the daughter of the king of the land took him and led him to the King, he is received well and warmly and afterwards explains his wanderings. If it were not for the kindness of the daughter, he could not have been welcomed in the King’s house (Gygan 2006).

Women should be merciful, hospitable and giving. A woman by the name Circle was merciful to the Odysseus and his men. She restored human form to his men and then stayed with them in luxury for a whole year. She then gave them directions on how they would get home using her magic. Every woman can be able to play these roles well but it wholly depends on the moral levels of the woman herself and should have a willing spirit (Thomson and Tom 2004).

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