Sammy Changing

In A & P Sammy changes from an immature teenage to a person who takes a stand for what he believes is wrong which is reflected in Sammy’s words and actions. The decision he takes to quit his job is rush, he thinks when he does that Queenie will be impressed but his attempt his unsuccessful. Sammy’s individualistic gesture casts him as the unfortunate hero, as he stands for decency towards others that Mr.Lengel, the store manager fails to notice as he rebukes the girls for indecency (Updike 1961).

As a teenage clerk working at the cash register of A & P supermarket and at nineteen years old Sammy decides to quit his job because Mr.Lengel, the store manager, embarrassed a group of girls who came into the store dressed only in swimsuits. A combination of sentimental romanticism, lust and admiration of Queenie’s social rank motivated Sammy to quit his job. He quits his job in an effort to become a hero and also as an act of rebelling against a strict society (Werlock 2000).

After he ceremoniously removes his apron and resigns on the spot Sammy leaves the store, he is eagerly waiting to be shown some display of affection and appreciation from the girls but he finds that they had already left (Updike 1961). He suddenly has a kind of epiphany and realizes the truth of the manager’s warning. He thinks about the difficult life he will have after and the kind of pain he will inflict his parents when they learn about his actions.

Even though Sammy gets disappointed with the action he has taken he refuses to stoop to self pity and seems to enjoy the experience. His motives for quitting the job were not genuine but it was only because he was captivated by Queenie’s socio economic realm and her confidence. He thinks Mr.Lingel is in a narrow world and he distances himself from it. He knows that there are numerous unforeseen repercussions that he will eventually face. (Updike 1961).

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